Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's been real

Dear Readers,

I Hope you’re sitting down.

You see, today marks the 3rd anniversary of the founding of Gingers is the Watchword, and we’ve decided to take this moment to call it a day. Yeah, you heard me, we’re shutting it down.

As you can tell by the fact that the last post was written almost a month ago, Red and I haven’t been too good at blogging lately. It’s not that we don’t want to, and it’s certainly not that we don’t love you all. All our readers have really meant a lot to us over the past few years. Some of you we’ve even met in person! You’ve encouraged us with your comments, and entertained us with your own blogs. (Believe or not, I read those too, even though I’m not as good with the commenting as Red. I’m a lurker. It’s one of my many, many shames).

But Red and I are just kind of in different places than we were three years ago, and unfortunately blogging on GitW just doesn’t fit into our lives anymore. Well, Red is in a different place. My life is remarkably, embarrassingly exactly the same. Seriously the biggest thing I’ve done in the last 3 years is move – to an apartment a half a mile away from my old one.

I digress … The thing is, we just haven’t found stuff to blog about the way we used to, and rather than letting our beloved GitW stand vacant without proper closure, we wanted to formally announce to the Interwebz that we’re putting the old girl down. We’ve had some awesome times, from declaring our crushes, to ranking albums, to even releasing some songs of our own. To you folks who’ve been there along the way, thank you so much. Don’t think of this as ending. Think of it is as a beginning – to your life without Gingers is the Watchword.

To everything, turn, turn, etc.

Liz (and Red)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

"The Facebook movie" actually looks good!

Check it out! When I heard they were making a "Facebook movie," like most people I thought it was going to be some silly teen flick where the main character's life is flung wildly out of control by Facebook, a la Patrick Dempsey in "Can't Buy me Love." OK, maybe I'm the only person who thought that, but regardless, it turns out that "The Social Network" is actually about the founding of Facebook, which is an interesting story, and it takes place in Boston when I was going to college there, so double win.

Honestly, this cover of Creep alone kind of makes me want to see it:

Monday, July 19, 2010

Could this man BE any hotter?!

I mean, geez louise!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Betty + Floyd = Love

January Jones and Jason Sudeikis are dating. As Liz said when I broke the news to her, "Stupid attractive people, cornering their own market."

January Jones loves Liz Lemon's sloppy seconds.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Liz and Red's All-Star Chat

I don't expect anyone to actually read this, but I found this conversation Liz and I had during the All-Star game pre-show hilarious and so I'm posting...for posterity or something.


me: WTF? Pre-game show?!

Elizabeth: Yeah, this All Star game probably won't get underway for an hour and a half. I'm really starting to hate sports

me: what?!?!?! It's already 8 here and I have to be AT work at 7 tomorrow :(:(:(:(

Elizabeth: Welcome to watching sports on the East Coast

me: sucks

Elizabeth: I'm exaggerating about the hour and a half, but it won't start right away

me: boo-urns. dude how long is Girardi gonna have braces?

Elizabeth: The Yankees manager? I didn't know he had them

me: yeah, he does and has for quite awhile

Elizabeth: He always looks pissed off. I don't think I've ever seen him smile.

Really though, LeBron was kind of the tipping point. I'm starting to hate sports. Or at least the way they’re broadcast.

me: well ESPN has been really terrible for awhile now, for sure

Elizabeth: Yeah. It’s that, it’s the fact that athletes are mostly a-holes who are paid more than the GNP of a lot of countries .... It’s a lot of things

me: yeah, I hear that. It's the fact the Berman and Joe Buck still have freaking jobs!!!

Elizabeth: Right???

me: Buddy!

Elizabeth: haha what's he doing there?

me: and Boch!

they are on the coaching staff apparently. you don't have it on in the office?

Elizabeth: We do

I was just about to say "Bud Black!" to you. You beat me too it

We have the sound down though. I didn't know why Buddy was there.

I guess Manuel picked him as a bench coach

me: yeah. guess so


Elizabeth: what? I wasn't watching

me: Halladay



Okay, I'll stop now

Are they seriously booing?! That's lame

Elizabeth: Who are they booing (we have the sound down)

me: the Red Sox

and they sortof boo'ed the Giants players, too

and the Yankees

Elizabeth: I like it. Angels fans getting a little teeth :)

me: but it's the All Star game!

and they cheer Albert? Stay classy SoCal

Elizabeth: I have no problem booing people in the All Star game.

me: they all laughed it off so I guess it's cool

Elizabeth: Yeah I don't think any feelings are getting hurt, don't worry

If I were an Angel fan, I'd hate the Sox too. We've beaten them a few times

me: yeah, but they are a stupid team who shouldn't exist anyway.

Elizabeth: haha, now who's being mean? Their name is stupid. I recognize their right to exist

me: They cheer for people in their division and boo Joe Girardi. They are dumb

Elizabeth: Look at these actors, being all serious

me: This makes me laugh, This is the All-Stars among us thing

I still heart Julia

I don't care

Elizabeth: Was she in it? I just Ford, Affleck and McConaghey

me: she was first! Julia follows no one!

Elizabeth: I think someone from Glee is singing the nat'l anthem

Way to synergize, Fox!!

Dude, MLB puts everything about the All Star game except the rosters on its Web site. I finally ended up on Wikipedia, as usual

me: what did we do before Wikipedia?

Elizabeth: Lived in darkness

me: pretty much

wow. homegirl just changed keys in the first 2 bars

Elizabeth: ouch


Elizabeth: hahaha of course you didn't. You're perfect

me: and it was pre-recorded.

Elizabeth: I'm sure her's is too

me: I don't think so. parts of it where a complete mess.

Elizabeth: Maybe that was her best take!

That's how much better than her you are.

me: hahaha. I love you Elizabeth :)

Elizabeth: :)

More f-ing commercials?!?! Seriously. Hate. Sports

me: seriously

Elizabeth: I miss the world cup. I'm so un-American. At least soccer games start when they say they're gonna start

me: exactly

Elizabeth: Oh look, cute kids. Vom. It.

sorry, I'm in a pissy mood.

me: I was thinking the same thing. They are terrible. I hate that people think kids should get to do everything.

David Price!!!

Elizabeth: Are there any players you don't think are hot?

me: Big Papi?

Elizabeth: yeah no Red Sox are hot

me: yeah...sorry

Corey Hart

Elizabeth: Corey Hart looks sad to me. At least he did at the Derby last night

me: he looks like a redneck

Elizabeth: a sad redneck

me: yes

Elizabeth: I wish Cano got an error. F-ing yankees

Although, other than the yankee players - Go AL!

me: haha right, right

Elizabeth: I think this is the NL's year though

me: yeah...fingerscrossed!

And then Liz had to go home. Good times, ya'll good times.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Everyone's Watching Louie, Right?

Something weird is happening on FX. Louis CK (so adorable as Leslie Knope's former boyfriend on Parks and Rec) is writing and directing a social commentary piece disguised as a comedy. It is very funny...with clips of Louie's stand-up mixed with scripted material about his life and his kids and his terrible body. But then there's stuff like the clip below, which is actually saying something in a really interesting way (WARNING: Language NSFW):

I just find things like this so interesting. It's like when Rescue Me became a theater piece for awhile last season. It's nice to see there are places on cable really pushing the envelope and "saying something." It's like it negates all the terrible things MTV has to offer on it's entire lineup.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Welcome to the summer of Liz's discontent

What a crap year for summer movies. Last night I was considering going to my local cineplex to see what Hollywood had to offer, and there was seriously nothing worth the cost of entry.


Here is what was playing:

Get Him to the Greek: Jonah Hill annoys me and my jury is still out on Russell Brand.

Knight and Day: I have actually considered seeing this, because it includes a chase scene through Boston, but reviews have been bad.

The A-Team: I seem to remember the A-Team riding around in a van. Ads for this movie had them jumping out of airplanes into helicopters. Haven’t you warped my childhood enough, Hollywood?

The Last Airbender:
Time to hang it up, M. Night.

Twilight: Eclipse: One of these days I am probably going to break down and get into Twighlight. But not today. Not today!!!

Toy Story 3: I’ve actually heard good things about this, but I still haven’t seen Toy Story 2, so …

Grown Ups: This will be my hell.

Splice: While I do heart Adrien Brody, I don’t heart craptastic horror.

The Karate Kid:
See my feelings on The A-Team.

I saw this coming, of course. Back in May, I read a summer movie preview and realized there was almost nothing I wanted to see. But I’m still a bit slack jawed at the festering garbage dump that is this year’s summer season. I saw an art house flick called Winter’s Bone that was pretty good, but in typical art house fashion it’s a small movie and a total downer. I like my summer movies to be big and loud but also entertaining and inventive. Most of these movies go the “big” and “loud” parts right, but little else.

Maybe this fall will bring better fare. Oh, what’s that you say? The fall lineup includes a seventh Saw movie and the third installment in the Meet the Parents saga called Little Fockers? That’s it. I’m moving to France.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Emmy time already?

Aww, Sookie Sookie

Emmy nominations come out Thursday. If I were in charge of picking the nominees (and, God willing, one day I will be), I would pick as follows:

Best Drama:
- "Breaking Bad"
- "Mad Men"
- "Friday Night Lights"
- "Dexter"*
- "True Blood"

Best Comedy:
- "30 Rock"
- "Parks and Recreation"
- "Community"
- "Modern Family"**
- "True Blood"***

I would give "Treme" a ton of acting nominations, but I don’t think it was quite there yet for a Best Drama nod. Ironically, it will probably get nominated this year because the Emmy people have been so deeply shamed over never nominating "The Wire." This is how the entertainment industry works.

If "Two and a Half Men" gets nominated for anything, I’m boycotting this year’s awards.

What do you guys think?

* I haven’t actually seen the most recent season of Dexter, but I’ve heard its as good as the last few, and I’ve loved the last few. Its time the entire show – and not just Michael C. Hall – got some love.

** I’ve only seen a few episodes of this show, but I did enjoy it, and what’s more is it’s cool to see a really well done show become so popular, as opposed to the usual garbage that everyone watches.

*** Yes, I’m nominating it for both drama and comedy, because three years in, I honestly can’t decide which one is supposed to be. And I mean that in a good way.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Well it's here friends, the first look at the the final installment of the Harry Potter movies. Trully the end of an era. In its infinite greed, Hollywood has decided to stretch the end of that era over an 8 month period, but whatevs.

This is the trailer for the two part "Deathly Hallows" film. I wasn't crazy about the film version of the "Half Blood Prince" - the whole thing felt rushed and flat. Since the book version of "Deathly Hallows" touched my soul, I hope they shapen up for the last go 'round. Judging by the insanely over the top operatic music in the background here, I think we're off to a good start.