Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Wide World of Bad Sports Songs

We gave up sports blogging long ago here at GitW HQ, but sometimes the world of sports bleeds into ... whatever the hell this blog is supposed to be about. Here are two awesomely bad sports song videos that you must see:

I should probably cut this one some slack, because it's supposed to be a joke. Trouble is, its just not that funny. Look to 30 Rock for better "We are the World" parodies, Cleveland.

Then there's this:

Yeah, that's Scott Stapp of Creed singing a theme song for the Florida Marlins. Where was this kind of A material when we had a sports blog?


Red said...

It's pretty cool they got the governor to show up for that LeBron thing.

zachrd99 said...
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zachrd99 said...

You left me no choice but to include this video on my site.

And for this I say thank you.