Thursday, August 30, 2007

Add This to Your Queue

A few years ago, I saw Bob Dylan in concert. I've only recently become a Dylan fan, but I've always respected his contributions to music and culture and seeing him was truly and awesome experience - even if he didn't play guitar or sing one song I knew other than "You Gotta Serve Somebody"(or maybe he did...he's really hard to understand these days).

Last night, I watched Don't Look Back which chronicles Dylan's UK tour in 1965. An interesting behind the scenes look at a notorious liar, Dylan (with his awesome Jew Fro...can I say that if I'm not Jewish?) spends much of the film clowning on the media. It's fascinating to see a man held by society as a great philosophizer and political activist come across as a condescending prick for the most part (and I mean that in the best possible way). Perhaps more interesting is documentary film in the 60's. No narration, no self promoting directors, just carefully captured moments of (seemingly) real life. Dylan is obviously very aware of the camera and seems to always be "on" yet still manages to be likable and damn interesting (and gorgeous...Dylan is defiantly a cautionary tail about what happens when you drink too much and forget to moisturize).

So check out Don't Look Back, if you are a Dylan fan. I'm not sure a non-fan would really find it all that interesting. However, check out No Direction Home, a superior Dylan documentary by Martin Scorsese, even if you are not a fan, and odds are, you'll become one.

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