Friday, May 28, 2010

RIP Gary Coleman!

The urge to make a bad "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout?" pun is overwhelming, but respect for the dead shall win out. Rest in peace Gary Coleman. You'll be remembered fondly.

Liz and Red's Great New Orleans Adventure

Down in the Treme/just me and my bay-beh

You guys!!! Tomorrow morning, Liz and I embark on a trip we planned back in January! We're going to New Orleans, yo! Home of the Super Bowl Champion Saints! And Treme! And yummy rum drinks! And, like, zero liquor laws! We, obviously, cannot wait. I wish you could all come with us, but you can' suck it up and plan your own trip. Geez!

Anyway, all the blabbering to say we will be MIA for a few days. We will regale you with awesome stories upon our return. You probably won't even notice, but if you miss us, just come clickity click on the Liz Lemon song down there. You know you love it.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Liz Lemon, You're My Hero

Here now, we present The Let's Makeout's homage to Liz Lemon...and our final single for the foreseeable future:

It's ridiculous...and we love it.

P.S. Please don't mock the crappy video skillz. The lovely Falwless is MIA so I had to make something myself (the horror!).

Monday, May 24, 2010

Because you need to know my thoughts on these things ...

At some point this week, I want to write one of my patented Long-Winded, Over-Analytical Posts That Ultimately Figures Out Nothing regarding my thoughts on the Lost finale and how it ties into the greaters joys and flaws of television in general. But for now, I will just say that our final 2.5 hours on The Island left my heart soaring and my brain grumbling.

What did you guys think?

You didn't really think that because Lost ended I wouldn't find excuses to post pictures of its gorgeous cast members anymore, did you brutha?

Friday, May 21, 2010

... But now I'm found

Oh heavy-handed light and dark metaphors, I think I’ll miss you most of you.

An era ends this weekend when Lost - the show about everything - closes out its six year run Sunday night. Will we get any satisfactory answers to the questions of science, faith, philosophy and smoke monsters that have been raised time and again for the show's tropical castaways? Probably not. Will I be a huge dork and wrap paper around cans of beer so they look like Dharma Beer? Shut up!

For those of you who care about Lost, here are some article that might interest you:

- This one from the Washington Post proclaims that Lost was the perfect show for this decade. It reaches, but I’ll allow it.
- The New York Times tries to bully us with big words into thinking the show sucks. They’re wrong!
- Here, the Boston Globe says that Lost was really pretty cheesy for something so groundbreaking, but that makes it all the more endearing. Sure, why not?

As for those of you who never liked Lost and are glad we won’t be talking about it anymore … I hope your consciousness gets unstuck and you don’t have a constant! You heard me.


We Can Do Anything Good!

I want to be this little girl when I grow up.

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Wide World of Bad Sports Songs

We gave up sports blogging long ago here at GitW HQ, but sometimes the world of sports bleeds into ... whatever the hell this blog is supposed to be about. Here are two awesomely bad sports song videos that you must see:

I should probably cut this one some slack, because it's supposed to be a joke. Trouble is, its just not that funny. Look to 30 Rock for better "We are the World" parodies, Cleveland.

Then there's this:

Yeah, that's Scott Stapp of Creed singing a theme song for the Florida Marlins. Where was this kind of A material when we had a sports blog?

Really, Starbucks? Really?

We're still using "Booyah"? Really?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WORDS made me do it...

He commented that he hadn't met Mr. Bubb Rubb yet, well here it is if you haven't met him or Little Sis:

Deep Thoughts With Red

The biggest problem with Lost this season is not the lack of reveals or explanations. This biggest problem is everyone in the sideways world remembers they were on Oceanic flight 815. I mean, seriously. Who remembers their flight number?

Monday, May 17, 2010

GiTW happy b-day Youtube part 2

C'mon you all saw this one coming...

Happy Birthday, YouTube!

YouTube turns 5 today. As a present to you all, here's a video that makes it look like Bill O'Reilly and Christian Bale are yelling at each other:

Thanks, YouTube.

Monday, May 10, 2010

These are the jokes

Stand up comedy is probably the most difficult form of performance, and nowhere was this more apparent than at an open mic night that Red and I attended last night. These “comics” were just painfully, piteously, awfully bad. So bad that it inspired me to come up with a list of subjects and pratfalls to avoid should any of our readers consider attempting stand up comedy in the future. Take this advice – please!

- The word “vagina” is not inherently funny. Not that there aren’t some good vagina jokes out there, but the word is not a joke unto itself. Now flugelhorn, that’s a funny word.

- When in doubt, don’t just swear. All it does is prove that you were in doubt.

-There is very little that can be said about Vegas without sounding like you’re ripping of Swingers or The Hangover. Unless you have a truly original Vegas story, leave that stuff at home.

- Homer Simpson is never wrong: Things are funny because they’re true. If you’re making a joke out of a situation, it’ll only work if it’s real. So make sure the situation your portraying isn’t full of plot holes.

- Women aren’t the enemy. It’s disappointing that so many male comedians still think tearing down the fairer sex makes for good material. Look to guys like Louis C.K. for more interesting (and funnier) takes on male/female relationships.

- If you’re bombing, exit gracefully. Every (and I mean every) comedian has bombed at some point in his or her career. You learn from it and move on. But while it’s happening, don’t insult the audience, and get your unfunny ass off the stage ASAP. The odds of the situation improving are about as good as your odds of scoring with any ladies in attendance after your whole act revolved around them being simpering morons.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Clear eyes, full hearts can't lose!

Friday Night Lights comes back tonight, y'all! I am forever in Red's debt for convincing me to get into this show.

This season already aired on DirectTV, and those who saw it have said it's good. Us old fashioned cable types will get to judge for ourselves this evening at 8:00 on your local NBC affiliate. Rumor has it that the transition to East Dillon High works well, and despite him leaving for San Antonio State at the end of last season, this year still manages to be "very Riggins-y." Mama like. Hey, I may be firmly on Team Saracen, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy looking at Taylor Kitsch up there. R'arrrr!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Album Extravaganza!

Hi InterWeb friends! By some trick of the cosmos, a lot of good bands are putting out albums this month. A few arrive today, others on different Tuesdays this month. (Sidebar: Does anyone know why albums and DVDs always come out on Tuesday? I'd love to know).

Through means both nefarious and completely on the up and up, I got a hold of a lot of these albums early. Some like, crazy early. So allow me to suggest what you should let into your ears in the coming weeks:

Broken Social Scene: Forgiveness Rock Record The Canadian band that has literally had 25 members over the course of its existence - the most famous being Feist, the girl from Metric and the two singers from Stars - releases its fourth (and possibly, in my opinion) best album today. If you get only one rock album with lush instrumentals and soaring choruses this year, make it this one!

The Hold Steady: Heaven is Whenever Listen, I love me some Hold Steady. Me and Red are going to see them tonight, in fact! But ... I was just the tiniest bit disappointed in the band's fifth album, which comes out today. The sound is somewhat flat and tired. It has its moments, like the song "The Weekenders," which includes the line: "She said, 'The theme of the this party's the industrial age / And you came in dressed like a train wreck.'" But if you don't know the band, I'd suggest picking up previous efforts like Separation Sunday or Boys and Girls in America first.

The New Pornographers: Together Here is an example of a band that's been doing it for a while but still making it sound fresh every time. Yet another Canadian super group, The New Pornographer's latest, Together, comes out today, and is awesome. I'd explain more, but this thing is getting long. But I mean, just look at that cover art! Highly recommended.

The National: High Violet The National writes what I like to call "grower songs." They usually start kind of slow and build. Sometimes they just stay slow. They might not grab you the first time you hear them, but pretty soon they've wormed their way into your brain and heart. Their third album High Violet comes out next week, May 11, and while it might not be as good as their last effort (my Best Album of 2007), it's pretty darn good.

LCD Soundsystem: This is Happening This album comes out in two weeks, but I expect you'll hear a lot about it, especially at the end of the year when people start doing "Best Of" lists. Despite the desperate pleas of main guy James Murphy, I got a copy early (sorry, dude) but at least he can find solace in the fact that most of us who have heard it early are talking about how freakin' great it is. More dancy, electronic-rock music with witty lyrics, that somehow keeps getting better with each record.

So that's what I got. Did I forget anything? Do you have differing opinions on these collections of songs? Do you know why new albums always come out on Tuesdays? The people must be told!