Monday, March 30, 2009

Top 5: Reasons BBCA's Any Dream Will Do is Better Than American Idol

Occasionally, I am really thankful I am single. How else could I spend a Sunday watching the new version of Sondheim's Company and a TV show about young British dudes and their quest to star in Andrew Lloyd Webber's latest musical staging of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat without constant harassment and mocking? Blessing and a curse, friends. Blessing and a curse.

Anyway, all that to say, I am hooked on BBC America's Any Dream Will Do. It's exactly like that show from a few summers ago (You're the One that I Want) where producers scoured America to cast the leads in a new staging of Grease on Broadway, except replace "Grease" with "JatATD" and "fresh faced Americans" with "boy bandish Brits." It's also kinda like American Idol, but way better. Here's why:

1. The Men! - Sure most of them are probably gay, but I don't have to spend precious life moments not lusting after the images on my TV set. All dudes, all the time. Ahhh yeah...

2. The Lord! - Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber himself is very involved in the show so there is no shortage of jokes about his Lordship like, "You have the blessing of the Lord. You could be Joseph" or "The Lord couldn't stand any more terrible singing today so he left." Hilarious! (I swear they are kinda funny when uttered by Graham Norton aka the show's Seacrest.)

3. John Barrowman! - The show's dreamiest host, Barrowman is also the star of BBC's Torchwood. He takes this judging job so damn seriously, it's almost laughable, and yet refreshing when compared to the lack of professionalism on Idol these days. (Also, totally gay.)

4. The Accents! - On AI, you only get Simon Cowell. On ADWD, you get more Brits than you can handle. And did I mention they're all male? And some are quite attractive?

5. The Ending! - Having aired last year in the UK, if I ever get tired of watching, I can just google the final results and move on with my life. If only I could do that with American Idol this season.

I don't actually expect any of you to watch this show because a) everyone hates Musical Theater and 2) no one listens to me anyway, but it brings me joy and thus I wanted to share. Like I said, 2 episodes in and it's already better than AI.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A dream denied

I was thrilled the other day to receive an invitation from Nielson Television Ratings to participate in a survey about my TV viewing habits. Finally, I would have a say in what gets on the air! As a lifelong TV addict, I've always felt my voice was tragically lacking from the ratings conversation.

So I go online, and start answering questions, How old I am, What race I am (I was so tempted to write in "Irish"), How many cell phones I own, etc. And then just like that, it's over. Never once was asked about my favorite shows, least favorite shows, how many hours of TV I watch a week. The closest it came to anything relevant like that was when it asked, in the vaguest terms, "What type of shows do you watch?"

God, no wonder According to Jim is still on the air.

Help! I'm Starting to Like Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian is only famous because her dad was on of OJ Simpson's lawyers (and for her starring role in a sex tape). Much like Paris Hilton, she doesn't seem to quite deserve the reality series or magazine covers or hot athlete boyfriend she's been given. However, I kinda like her...mainly because she's at least trying to make some sort of statement about female body issues and that's a biggie for me.

Apparently, a non-Photoshopped image (above, left) of Kim began circulating around the interwebs so Kim posted it on her blog (Celebs! They're just like us!) and said, "So what: I have a little cellulite. What curvy girl doesn't!?" To that I say, "Amen sister" and I start liking Kim more and more.

This reminds me of a documentary I've been meaning to recommend called Bigger, Stronger, Faster*. In the film, director Chris Bell examines steroids in sports and his every day life (his brothers are both admitted and proud steroid users) in a way I'd never heard discussed before...i.e. maybe they're not so medically bad after all and our real problem with steroids is the unfair advantage it seems to give users. Bell goes further and explores the desire for Americans, male and female, to look a predetermined way. Thus, men take steroids to look big and strong while women starve themselves to be thin. I find this paradigm one of the most disturbing ideas in modern society. And I'm not being over dramatic.

Anyway, check out Bigger, Stronger, Faster* whether you're a sports fan or not...and join me in not hating Kim Kardashian as much, won't you? C'mon. She's hot!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Add This to Your Queue: Long Way Down

A few years ago, I received the BBC series Long Way Round from the lovely people at Netflix. In it, I watched Ewan McGregor and his BFF Charlie Boorman ride BMW motorcycles from London, England east to NYC. Recently, I finished it's sequal of sorts, Long Way Down, and I can't recommend it enough.

Starting in John o'Groats in Northern Scotland, Ewan and Charlie ride their bikes south to South Africa. It's an amazing journey. Of course, they encounter wonderful people and incredible scenery and all manner of animals native to Africa, but the real charm is the two men and their friendship, struggles and love of the journey. It also gave me a different perspective of Africa, beyond the horrors (of which there are many) to the beauty of a continent worth preserving. Watch either or both series and sit in awe of this planet.

Bonus: Ewan is fine as ever and really adores his wife. They don't make 'em any dreamier, friends.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Top 5: Love is a Battlestar

A TV columnist made me laugh recently by calling Battlestar Galactica "The best show you're never going to watch." For years, critics and fans have called it "the best show you're not watching," and I liked that this guy was finally throwing in the towell. With the show's final episode airing tonight, the odds are slim there's going to be a sudden spike in the ratings.

But we here at GitW did watch. (Well, I should say Red watched for years and years and I jumped on the bandwagon just in time to catch the final season live). There's probably not much use in recapping our favorite plot twists or Viper vs. Raider dogfights, since no one would know what the hell we're talking about. Instead, I've decided to show you the Top 5 Awesome things You Missed in Not Watching Battlestar Galactica.

1. The Red Dress: Listen, I love the fellas. They really rev my engine. But even I must admitt there are few things sexier than Tricia Helfer (the Canadian Tyra Banks!) slinking around in this little number. I hope it makes an appearance tonight, for old times sake.

2. Rad female characters: Everyone who bitches about the lack of good parts available for actresses nowadays should take a look at what Mary McDonnell and Katee Sackhoff got up to on this show. (Side note: Did Katee Sackhoff have like, hippy parents who let her decide how to spell her name when she was 4, kind of like how Picabo Street's parents let her name herself? I've seen a lot of variations of "Katie," but "Katee" is the dumbest. (No offense to Katee herself, who could probably kick my ass)).

3. A new swear word: Even my non-nerd live-in-squire (I'm still looking for a replacement word for "boyfriend") agrees the show's invention of the word "frak" - used as a substitute for another four letter "f" word that you can't say on TV - is genius.

4. The most loveable villain ever: There are few pleasures, few raptures, few equisite sins greater than loving Gaius Baltar. Actor James Callis (right) somehow makes smarmy endearing in his portrayal of this scientist turned traitor turned disastrous leader turned guru.

5. Life changing questions: Is humanity worth saving? Can the cycle of history be changed? Is Bob Dylan a cylon? Are we human, or are we dancer? Our lives are better for having pondered these questions. And yours aren't.

It's Gonna Be Alright

Hey ya'll. In case you didn't notice, I was on vacation this week. I traveled to the magical place that is Chicago, IL to experience their take on St. Patrick's Day (it was, like, for science). It may be a cold ass place, but those Midwesterners sure can put on green and drink! Unfortunately, being away from my computer meant I had almost no time for pop culture. I could tell you about the current exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art (It's just "meh") or how I learned about the accuracy of Flight of the Conchords from and actual New Zealander (lots of Murray's in that country, apparently), but really, on the pop culture front, all I can tell you is the new Kelly Clarkson record is rad! I've pretty much been listening to it on a loop for about a week. I highly recommend you check it out...if you, like me, love good pop music. If you are a music snob, then enjoy your boring little Pitchfork loving life.

I really want to make my Facebook status "Red does not hookup," but I couldn't endure the endless taunting.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I know I said that I want people to leave A-Rod alone but:

That's all I have to say about that.

*Thanks to alert reader "blah" for alerting me to this resplendent travesty

Monday, March 16, 2009

This (sort of) Just In: St. Patrick's Day edition

Red may have the ginger genes, but I’m the writer on this site “lucky” enough to get Irish genes. (Pale skin, a tendency to hold grudges and a suicidal liver. Erin go Bragh!)

As such, I have taken it upon myself to write a St. Patrick’s Day post, with a few bits of Celtic goings on:

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, the IRA is back! Splinter groups of the Irish Republican Army are rearing their head in Northern Ireland lately, killing two soldiers and a policeman. Luckily, leaders on both sides of the sectarian divide are condemning the attacks, and people of that region are determined not to let their province devolve into “the Troubles” again. FOR NOW!!! (Cue old timey organ music).

Apparently it's spelled O’Bama. President Obama is part Irish. Jeez, is there any box this dude can’t check? Here is a song about it, which is really silly but also ridiculously catchy. You’ve been warned.

Also back, House of Pain. This white rap group is not from Boston (like everyone thinks) but they are playing a reunion show in Boston. So get out ya seats and jump around!

The Irish invented English. OK that’s not remotely true, but it is a fun fact that a lot of English slang words (especially American English) are believed to have roots in Irish Gaelic. For example, “so long,” comes from the Irish word for goodbye, “slan.” “Snazzy” is thought to come from the Irish word “snasach,” which means shiny. There’s a million others, many of which are in this book. I guess this last one wasn’t so much a “This Just In” as an “Interesting Tid-bit,” but who asked you anyway ye feckin’ eejit?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Raves: March '09

America, f*ck yeah!

Neko Case – Middle Cyclone - It’s cliché at this point to call Neko Case’s voice “a force of nature,” but some things become cliché for a reason. Case’s vocals sound like a massive electrical storm chasing you down a Kansas freeway, and her penchant for singing about wild things (animals, weather, serial killers) only enhances the analogy. On her latest CD, my third favorite ginger indie rock songstress (behind Jenny Lewis and Red, natch) mixes new hints of girl group and soul into her Americana songwriting, and her lyrics are fabulous as ever. I mean: “I carved your name across three counties / ground it in with bloody hides / Their broken necks will lie in the ditch ‘til you stop it, stop it / Stop this madness,” if that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

Jamie Bamber’s hair – OK, honestly I could rave about all of Jamie Bamber, but there is something about his hair that I find just delectable. Bamber plays tried and true Lee Adama on Battlestar Galactica, the penultimate episode of which airs tonight. The show’s hairstylists do a fab job on all the men (not so much the gals, what’s up with that?), but since they shaved Anders’ dome for the final episodes, I’ll give it all up for Capt. Apollo’s dreamy locks.

"The Watchmen" Opening Credits – Red already mentioned this in her Watchmen post, but I think its worth noting again. While The Watchmen itself was a bit flawed but still very enjoyable, the opening credits were an absolute work of art. They might not look as cool on the small screen, detached from the rest of the film (or if you haven’t read the book) but if you want to check it out you can see it here. With subtle glances, gorgeous color and one perfect song, it conveys all the background you need on this alternate America where costumed heroes are all too real.

Maria Vitakis’ Typewriter Jewelry – This lady in San Diego makes jewelry out of old pre-WWII typewriters. She sells them (exclusively, as far as I know) at a farmer’s market near my house. She makes necklaces, cufflinks, bracelets, you name it, and I think they’re just the raddest. They’re not too expensive either; I got a necklace and a ring for a total of $30. I don’t think she has a Web site, but if you wanna know more, you can email her at

Winning – My office has a co-ed kickball team, and we started the season 0-3. Last Sunday, we got our first win. And it was awesome. Here’s hoping we get at least one more!

At the Movies: Watchmen

Liz and I finally got around to seeing Watchmen last night. We’d heard mixed reviews before entering the theater: It’s looks amazing, but it’s too long, not emotionally engaging, too true to the comic book in look and feel. And while those critiques proved somewhat true, I enjoyed the film way more than the haters would have me expect. Since everyone has already “reviewed” the movie, I’ll just give you some of my thoughts because I know that’s what you live for:

The Look: The film, as all Zack Snyder’s films do, looks amazing. I didn’t have a problem with it looking too much like the book at all. I thought it was a fantastic balance of comic book and cinema.

The Cast:

Jeffery Dean Morgan is great as the Comedian, Billy Crudup looks ridiculous (in a good way) as Dr. Manhattan (Liz and I discussed how much of his body was real and how much was CGI. I’m going with 50/50, but how much would it suck (or rock, perhaps) to have your junk enhanced for the big screen?), Patrick Wilson is dreamy (as always) as Night Owl, Malin Akerman shows off one hell of a wax job as Silk Specter (I’ve always like MA…going back to her hilariously sweet turn on The Comeback), and Jackie Early Haley is absolute perfection as the Rorschach. Gingers every where should be proud to claim him as one of our own. The only real disappointment is perhaps Mathew Goode as Ozymandias who is rather more forgettable than bad, I suppose.

My Favorite Parts:

The opening credits. Perfectly set the tone and mood and incorporated one of the greatest songs in history, Bob Dylan’s “The Times They are A’Changin’.” Really, the song choices throughout are pretty great…even if, as Garney noted after he saw the flick, Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” during the sex scene is a bit much.

Patrick Wilson’s ass.

Night Owl and Rorschach flying into Antarctica while “All Along the Watchtower” plays. This prompted me to turn to Liz and say, “Battlestar!!!” God, we’re nerds.

Rorschach kicking ass and bludgeoning people to death (what? I have a darkside.)

The new ending…which I think actually makes more sense than the ending in the book.

Really, the only thing I didn’t like was the length, but I don’t know what could have been cut…other than some of the overwrought dialogue. Overall, I’d recommend seeing Watchmen, if for no other reason than to be awed by the visuals. However, if your name is Falwless and you hate action/comic book movies, you should probably skip it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This (mostly) Just In...

Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams Get Hitched - She's super vanilla and he's effing insane. Sounds like a perfect match.

Friday Night Lights Renewed for 2 More Season - Maybe...probably. I find this very exciting as Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler are the best couple on TV. Absolutely no contest.

Cat Cora and Partner Expecting - First, I had no idea Iron Chef America's Cat Cora was a lesbian, (but, you know, props for that), but she and her partner are both the same time. All I can say to that is, "Yikes."

Will Arnet and Jason Bateman are Funny - And when they make fun of each other, we all win...


They've been jack hammering the street outside my office since 8am and I am thisclose to jabbing something sharp into my eye.

That is all.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Super Nerd is the Watchword

Okay, you guys. Prepare yourselves to be super jealous. See, I have this friend who worked at Google for a spell and she went into the Google store and bought me this:

I know, I know. I can't believe how cool I am either.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Live and let die

Most celebrities rage and wail against the paparazzi publicly, while shamelessly courting their attention behind the scenes. I know this. But there are a few people who always find themselves in the magazine and on TV, and I get the impression they honestly don’t want to be there. It takes a lot for me to feel sympathy for the rich and famous, but here’s a few people I’d really like to see the media leave alone for a while.

Nadya "Octomom" Suleman – While I am very pro-Ridiculous British Tabloid Style Nicknames, I’m very anti-running a story into the ground. And the story of the California woman who gave birth to octuplets while she already had 6 kids at home, has been rammed halfway to China by now. What began as a bit of offbeat, “The things they can do with science these days!” news, became a full on politically charged investigative piece when it became clear that this single mom had no job and very little in the way of support. Listen, about a nickel a year - if that - of your tax dollars is going to this woman and her brood. I will gladly give each and every person who is keeping this story alive a nickel from my own personal fortune if it will get this woman out of the headlines.

Alex Rodriquez –
As an incurable Red Sox fan I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the press really needs to back off A-Rod. So the guy’s a cheater. This is a surprise how? In addition to the fact that he’s been known to play bush-league ball, it’s pretty apparent that everyone from the home run kings to the batboys of Major League Baseball were on some kind of performance enhancers in the late ‘90s. He ‘fessed up, apologized, let’s move on.

Jennifer Aniston – I’m not a big Jennifer Aniston fan (least funny “Friend” by a mile), and that might be part of why I’m sick of seeing her on magazine covers. But part of me also feels for her on a human level. Her and Brad Pitt got divorced FOUR YEARS AGO! Why are we still talking about it, and every other subsequent relationship/breakup Aniston has, and showing her looking all tragic all the time? Isn’t there a starlet not wearing her underwear somewhere we could bother instead? Jeez.

How about you guys? Does anyone induce you to scream, "Leave her alone!" at your television everytime their picture pops up on TMZ? Or are you just heartless and unfeeling toward any and all public figures?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Signs I'm Getting Old - Vol. 4

If American Idol and ANTM have taught us anything this season, it's headbands worn on the forehead (like the hippies once favored) are back and huge with the kids.

Lord help me.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some Thoughts on Reality Bites

Scene: Three bloggers chat about the mid-90's classic, Reality Bites. (as with all chat posts, try to avoid the [sic])

Dave: Watched Reality Bites last night...early 90's are high-larious...

Liz: Oh yeah. The high wasted jeans? Priceless

D: High wasted jeans, self-loathing grungers, AIDS paranoia...and disturbing lack of text messaging and YouTube...

L: It always amazes me how many situations in movies and TV aren't valid anymore, because people have cell phones now. There's like 10 episodes of Seinfeld that revolve around them missing each other at movie theaters and in parking garages

D: You are right though, cell phones completely invalidate a lot of those Seinfeld eps. Who sits at home and waits for the phone to ring anymore?

L: Yeah. And who answers phones not knowing who's calling you?

D: “Hello? Oh thank god it's YOU!"

Like the whole thing at the end where Winona is looking for Ethan Hawke because she does not know where he is...the dude is a struggling musician in a crappy band. Just look them up on Myspace for chrissake!!

The people in that movie were like the first to have such high amount of angst towards retail jobs.

L: Now we'd all kill for retail jobs. (Well, those of us without normal jobs, which will be all of us soon enough)

D: Yeah, people would murder Janeane Garofalo to be manager at the Gap...and Winona Ryder would not be valedictorian, an Asian would have beat her out for sure...

L: Yeah I think Indians and Asians definitely have the Valedictorian market cornered

Red: That movie is a gem. You know what I noticed though, after watching it recently? Everyone in that beezy is a zillion times better than Winona

L: Winona's awesome though. Don't speak ill of Winona.

R: I like Winona, but she really is the weak link in that movie. Sorry, Liz.

L: Fine. Whatever. Haha you're probably right, I haven't seen it in a while

[Editor’s Note: I’m totally right]

D: Dude, she wasn't THAT bad...she did a great job of smoking cigs and having s3x with two guys... Oh yeah, and the freakin’ BIG GULPS were killing me...nobody actually drinks those anymore, do they?

R: I didn't say she was terrible! Just compared to the rest of the cast she's a bit lacking. Geez!!

They still love their Super Big Gulps in Klan-Tee.

[Editor’s Note: Santee (aka Klan-tee) is one of the super redneck parts of San Diego]

L: Totally ... the fat parts of America(JK Santee! Love you babe!)

D: Santee HAS to have the most people named "Cody" in all of SD

L: I imagine its also a place with a lot of TruckNutz

D: It HAS to be...10,000 Points to Santee resident with both TruckNutz and Yosemite Sam mudflaps...

R: God. Trucknutz should be they are in Florida.

D: Good thing government is busy creating important legislature against the root of all of society's ills: TRUCKNUTZ

L: TruckNutz are pretty much the new mullet when it comes to defining white trash, I think

D: They have to was the Calvin pissing on whatever sticker for a while but I think TN takes the cake...

Ethan Hawke was also sporting the "wannabe chollo buttoning only the top button of a dress shirt" look during one scene…Thoughts?

R: Ethan Hawke is perfection in RB. Everything he does is awesome.

L: Hey, That's my Bike = Best Band Ever

D: See...we are on opposite sides of this movie...that guy was way too emo for me in that...

L: I agree. I was being sarcastic about the band. Ethan Hawke actually kind of bugs me in RB. I hate how a guy can be a dick through a whole movie, but everyone forgives him because he had daddy issues or whatever.

R: Ethan is the quintessential bad boy who finally comes around in RB. That character alone sums up why so many women are delusional about love.

I just love all his great lines. Like when he answers the phone and says "You've reached the Winter of our Discontent." Hilarious.

D: I know, what a douche...and meanwhile the normal guys in that movie get totally shafted...

R: I mean, how many times have they told that story: Girl has to choose between boy she really loves, but is an a-hole or the guy who really loves her, but is kinda dorky. The thing about RB, though, is it's like that cliché perfected.

L: True. And Ben Stiller fucks up and gives her a legitimate reason to be mad

R: See, I always have a problem with that. I don't think what BS did was so bad. I mean, you know if you sell your crappy student doc to an MTV like company they're gonna totally change it. And if he genuinely didn't know...I dunno. I always think she's a little harsh on him...and it's really just a plot device to ensure they break up.

D: Yeah, I kind of agree with you on that part...I mean, he's still doing her a favor, trying to get her out of the pathetic unemployed state she's in...

L: Yeah you have a point, I guess it wasn't that bad. They just needed to break them up so she could be with Ethan Hawke.

The "winter of our discontent line" is great. That movie has a lot of quotable phrases

R: Yeah. Janeane G gets a lot of them. I love when she tells Winona, "You are IN the Bell Jar"

E: hahaha, and her speech about how she's the AIDS character on Melrose Place

R: That's my absolute favorite part. That whole scene with the 2 of them at the diner...classic.

Plus, that movie makes Houston look cool...which is, like, impossible.

L: Yeah I always thought it was random that it took place in Texas. Ripping off Richard Linklater I guess

R: The chick that wrote it is from Houston. The DVD commentary is actually pretty good. It's the writer and Ben Stiller and you can just tell having that movie made was, like, the highlight of her life.

D: Oh that's cool. It would probably be the highlight of mine, too.

L: Oh I always thought Stiller wrote and directed it. Sorry, Girl Who Wrote It!

And scene

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Add This to Your Queue: Changeling

Before the Oscars, I tried to watch as many nominated films as possible. The one I rather enjoyed more than expected was Changeling.

Based on a true story, Angelina Jolie stars as Christine Collins, a single mother in 1920's LA who's son is kidnapped. The LAPD, being the harbingers of all things good and just, replaces her son with another kid. Obviously, like any normal human being, Collins knows they've given her a faux son and she is, understandably, pissed the hell off. Of course, being the LAPD, they call her a crazy, bad mother. Good to see things have changed.

Clint Eastwood directs and does a fantastic job capturing "Old LA" (this, along with Chinatown and LA Confidential, is one of the great "Old LA" films), Angelina still manages to separate her larger than life celebrity and is believably heartbreaking, Burn Notice's Jeffery Donovan is an excellent bad guy, but it's the performances buy the kids that really got me, especially Eddie Alderson as Stanford Clark, a kid who's done some very bad things. I imagine the strong female centric themes in Changeling moved me more than they would someone of the less fair sex, but I'd recommend it to everyone. It's becoming hard to go wrong with Eastwood.

Wherein I Encourage You to Watch More TV

It's mid-season time and some of my favorite shows are coming back. Check it:

Seriously, ya'll. Could Tyra look more like a hot tranny mess?

America's Next Top Model (March 4 on the CW) - This season, Tyra decided to allow girls under 5'7" to fight for the crown of America's Next Pretty Girl who will Appear on the cover of Seventeen Once and then Promptly Disappear. I really just watch for the crazy. Here's hoping there is plenty of crazy.

Breaking Bad (March 8 on AMC) - I know Garney and I were the only people to watch BB last season, but Bryan Cranston (fka the dad on Malcolm in the Middle) won the Emmy! He really is amazing as a chemistry teacher who starts making meth after he discovers he's got cancer. Watch it won't be sorry.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (March 2 on NBC) - I realize I am one of the few people who like Jimmy, but what if he proves to be the greatest talk show host of all time, or something? Crazier things have happened, right? No? It's just me?

Also, I've been watching the new Joss Wheadon show, Dollhouse (Fridays on Fox). Is anyone else watching this? It would be super good if Eliza Dushku weren't so terrible. Seriously, who thinks that woman can act? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I mean, you can't go outside, what with your terrible weather and all, so join my couch revolution, won't you?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Making our own fun

So nowadays everyone’s either flat broke or hording money like a rabid squirrel in anticipation of being flat broke very, very soon, and this got me thinking: What’s a cheap and easy activity we could all enjoy?

[Insert obvious “Your mom” joke here]

What I came up with is that it might be fun to start a super nerdy little Movie Club, where every Friday night, some friends would get together, bring food and libations, watch a movie and then sit around chatting about it. Preferably, we’d watch movies that warrant discussion.

I’ve been trying to come up with a kicky (read: Wicked Dorky) name for this endeavor, as well as possible selections for screening. Since it’s easier to leach off the hard work of others than actually come up with ideas yourself, I thought I’d ask you guys for ideas. Whaddya got?