Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wherein I Encourage You to Watch More TV

It's mid-season time and some of my favorite shows are coming back. Check it:

Seriously, ya'll. Could Tyra look more like a hot tranny mess?

America's Next Top Model (March 4 on the CW) - This season, Tyra decided to allow girls under 5'7" to fight for the crown of America's Next Pretty Girl who will Appear on the cover of Seventeen Once and then Promptly Disappear. I really just watch for the crazy. Here's hoping there is plenty of crazy.

Breaking Bad (March 8 on AMC) - I know Garney and I were the only people to watch BB last season, but Bryan Cranston (fka the dad on Malcolm in the Middle) won the Emmy! He really is amazing as a chemistry teacher who starts making meth after he discovers he's got cancer. Watch it Sunday...you won't be sorry.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (March 2 on NBC) - I realize I am one of the few people who like Jimmy, but what if he proves to be the greatest talk show host of all time, or something? Crazier things have happened, right? No? It's just me?

Also, I've been watching the new Joss Wheadon show, Dollhouse (Fridays on Fox). Is anyone else watching this? It would be super good if Eliza Dushku weren't so terrible. Seriously, who thinks that woman can act? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I mean, you can't go outside, what with your terrible weather and all, so join my couch revolution, won't you?


BeckEye said...

I like Eliza Dushku but I've never noticed her acting skills or lack thereof. I just like looking at her. And hey, she was awesome in Bring it On. She was the poo. So take a big whiff.

I wonder if ANTM will have a "plus size" model this year who will be 3 or more sizes smaller than me?

Anonymous said...

I heart Joss Whedon. He wants me. I can feel it.

Falwless said...

So I totally tuned in for Jimmy's first night last night and I got through about 35 minutes of it. It was somewhat painful, even for a Fallon fan, which I am. I realize it's most likely first night jitters, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, but he was hella awkward. And I just typed "hella."

Check it before you wreck it.

Peace out.

Fuck if I know, don't ask.

Falwless said...

I wonder if ANTM will have a "plus size" model this year who will be 3 or more sizes smaller than me?



Falwless said...

I just typed "FO REEEEEAL."

Someone... stop me.

red said...

God how I miss you, Fal.

meg4fancast said...

When is ANTM going to be over?! I can't take Tyra. Breaking Bad I do like though. Bryan Cranston and co-star Aaron Paul will actually be chatting live with fans today on Fancast at 12pm PST/ 3pm EST. Visit the chat here- Fancast

Jon said...

The best thing to do with an Eliza Dushku show is turn the volume all the way down, and just pretend Eliza is saying "I want you Jon" over and over.

Okay, fine. Maybe that only works for me. Whatever.

Anonymous said...

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