Friday, May 21, 2010

... But now I'm found

Oh heavy-handed light and dark metaphors, I think I’ll miss you most of you.

An era ends this weekend when Lost - the show about everything - closes out its six year run Sunday night. Will we get any satisfactory answers to the questions of science, faith, philosophy and smoke monsters that have been raised time and again for the show's tropical castaways? Probably not. Will I be a huge dork and wrap paper around cans of beer so they look like Dharma Beer? Shut up!

For those of you who care about Lost, here are some article that might interest you:

- This one from the Washington Post proclaims that Lost was the perfect show for this decade. It reaches, but I’ll allow it.
- The New York Times tries to bully us with big words into thinking the show sucks. They’re wrong!
- Here, the Boston Globe says that Lost was really pretty cheesy for something so groundbreaking, but that makes it all the more endearing. Sure, why not?

As for those of you who never liked Lost and are glad we won’t be talking about it anymore … I hope your consciousness gets unstuck and you don’t have a constant! You heard me.



Anonymous said...

I get the distinct feeling I'm going to be crying like a tiny baby on Sunday. You know they're going to milk the emotions right? They better be. Also, Desmond is still the constant and they're going to prove it. Also part 2? The NYT can kiss my ass.

red said...

What will I do without Terry O'Quinn to ogle on a weekly basis?!