Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's been real

Dear Readers,

I Hope you’re sitting down.

You see, today marks the 3rd anniversary of the founding of Gingers is the Watchword, and we’ve decided to take this moment to call it a day. Yeah, you heard me, we’re shutting it down.

As you can tell by the fact that the last post was written almost a month ago, Red and I haven’t been too good at blogging lately. It’s not that we don’t want to, and it’s certainly not that we don’t love you all. All our readers have really meant a lot to us over the past few years. Some of you we’ve even met in person! You’ve encouraged us with your comments, and entertained us with your own blogs. (Believe or not, I read those too, even though I’m not as good with the commenting as Red. I’m a lurker. It’s one of my many, many shames).

But Red and I are just kind of in different places than we were three years ago, and unfortunately blogging on GitW just doesn’t fit into our lives anymore. Well, Red is in a different place. My life is remarkably, embarrassingly exactly the same. Seriously the biggest thing I’ve done in the last 3 years is move – to an apartment a half a mile away from my old one.

I digress … The thing is, we just haven’t found stuff to blog about the way we used to, and rather than letting our beloved GitW stand vacant without proper closure, we wanted to formally announce to the Interwebz that we’re putting the old girl down. We’ve had some awesome times, from declaring our crushes, to ranking albums, to even releasing some songs of our own. To you folks who’ve been there along the way, thank you so much. Don’t think of this as ending. Think of it is as a beginning – to your life without Gingers is the Watchword.

To everything, turn, turn, etc.

Liz (and Red)


MJenks said...

*one big, drippy tear rolls down my cheek*

It''s been fun...

I will miss this fabulously gingerfied site.

Andra said...

WAAAH! Red, I guess I will have to go visit you in VA then!:) Will miss the fun!

McGone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
McGone said...

I'm terribly sad to see the site go, but I look forward to enjoying our time together at the Blogger Retirement Home. Anybody up for a game of backgammon?

BeckEye said...


But whatever, you guys better still read my blog. Yeah, I should probably be smart and pack it in too, but I'm not.

feathers said...

Guess I have room to give some other lucky site your bookmark spot on my iGoogle. Your humor, wit, and even some of your opinions will be missed! :)

Some Guy said...

Sorry to see you guys go! All the best to you and stop by anytime.

Malcolm said...

Because the last post was a while ago, I kinda figured you were packing it in. Good luck with your musical endeavors and anything else you decide to do. Don't be a stranger to Pop Culture Dish.

You will be missed.

words...words...words... said...

We'll always have...well, not Paris. But some excellent place where watching TV is not a vice and red trumps blonde.

Also, I'd like to get in on that blogger retirement home. That sounds like a sweet gig. I'm going to stake out a good seat by the staring window.

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