Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Who You Got?: FNL

Nobody watches Friday Night Lights. It's nearly been canceled, like, a zillion times, but it's one of those critical darling/cult following shows that has die hard fans all nutty and determined to keep it on the television. So, naturally, I need to watch it...and it's awesome. Seriously, queue it up.

Anyway, there loads of beautiful men and women gracing the set during FNL. The chicks are super hot (even if Lyla Garrity is a skeeze), the central marriage is incredible and there are dudes in football pants (always a plus), but there is a debate about who's the dreamiest fella on the show. So let's break this down:

First up: Your Generic Bad Boy with a Semi-Heart of Gold
- Alcoholic
- Shitty boyfriend
- Daddy issues
- Screwed his best friend's skeezy girlfriend after said friend was paralyzed in a football accident
- Needs a hair cut

Ladies (and men who like men), I give you Tim Riggins
Next up: The Nice Guy Quarterback
- Becomes starting QB after superstar starting QB is injured
- Lives with and takes care of his grandma, who suffers from dementia, while his dad fights in Iraq
- Has a nerdy sidekick
- Works hard at the local fast food joint where he never cheats The Man
- Crushes on the coaches adorable (and non skeezy) daughter, Julie
- All around nice guy with nice, sensible short hair

Friends who really could care less about this argument, Matt Saracen
Well, who you got in this totally fair and unbiased argument?


Falwless said...

Hahahahaha. I love this. I'm going to take #2, Matt. Because #1 seriously needs to wash his hair and doesn't appear to be all that hot anyway.

Do I win??

Liz said...

I'm torn on this. And I shouldn't be, because I've got about ten years on both of them. I think I'll go with the nice guy too though. Who says they finish last?

Andra said...

HA! I know I should love Matt, but, DAMN, Tim Riggins is H.O.T! Oh well...I guess all my relationships will be shallow and doomed to failure. What else is new? Also, Red, thanks for the pics...made MY day.

wendiebird said...

RIGGINS! No contest, not even close!

McGone said...

As one of the few FNL watchers, I must point out a few things:

1.) I'm going to have to ask you to watch what you say about Lyla. Minka Kelly's absolute fineness even lets me get past the fact that she dated King Douchebag John Mayer.

2.) I have to point out that you don't have nearly enough Connie Britton pictures. In fact, she could be randomly inserted in more of your posts, even when she doesn't figure into the narrative.

3.) I can't believe you boiled Landry down to "nerdy sidekick" when you had a golden opportunity to point out that he looks like a Matt Damon cloning experiment gone horribly awry.

Garney said...

Great. Thannks a lot, Red. As if there weren't enough things in my life to make me seem gay, you make me go and ponder this one. It's already bad enough I care more about the Oscars than the Super Bowl. And then of course there's the musical theater...

I guess I'll go with #2 to break the current tie.

LOL @ McGone's Matt Damon observation...

And Liz, I'm a nice guy and I always finish last. Just ask my wife.

red said...

McGone has inspired another FNL post for the ladies, G. That should make you feel straight again.

d said...

Second guy. The first guy needs volumizer and new jeans.