Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beer of Whenever

Party people!!! So right this very second, I am drinking this not very photogenic beer. It's called Saison du BUFF and it's created by dudes from Stone + Dogfish Head + Victory! I think we can all agree that automatically makes it delicious. Pick one up in your local cheese/fancy beer shop (oh, you don't have one of those in your charming little town? Sucks to be you! Move to Williamsburg where the cool kids live! (seriously, please move here...I have no friends)).

Anyway, this beer is lovely and very summery and warms my heart because it unites us Stone lovers with you Dogfish Headers. I recommend.



words...words...words... said...

Holy Crap. That's like the Justice League of beer. I must have it immediately.

danielle970 said...

So going to that liquor store on ECB by Beau's house to look for it!! That sounds like it might be the best beer ever.

McGone said...

I can't top Wordsx3's comment. Hilarious.

BeckEye said...

Cool kids? I think you're confusing Williamsburgs.