Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Someone has to post so might as well be me

Red and Liz are gone on vacation right now in New Orleans. So I'm sitting here late at night listening to my "Ambrosia" station on thinking what to write about.

"That's how much I feeeeel..."

First of all those two chicks better be helping clean BP oil off of beaches, swamps and sickly pelicans. Put down those hurricanes and make sure to scrub under the wings and between the legs ladies!

Seriously for me this BP shit is not funny. My grandparents owned a house along the gulf in Alabama that I used to visit every year. It's a nice area, and what's happening sucks. But as I said before the US is hooked on gas like fucking cigarettes so something like this is the tumor we earned. Or something like that.

"I saw your face and that's the last I've seen of my heeaaaart..."

I've been reading "The Geography of Nowhere" by James Kunstler. Definately worth checking out. It is about how our man-made environment in the United States sucks. We don't have real houses anymore, just a bunch of pre-fab, disbosable, stucco lined shit-holes. No wonder the housing market crashed, it really does suck living in a tract home if you know what a real house that's made to last is like. Check out his blog "ClusterFuck America" at

"Hold the line, love isn't always on time, whoa whoa whoa"

OK I'm out, whoever knows who sang the lines to those three songs gets a prize. Hint: They are NOT all Ambrosia.

Wait wait, here comes another one, DAMN YOU DAVID PACK... "I know you're the only woman I've been dreamin offfff..."

Bonus: "And I've got such a long way to go, make it to the border of Mexico...ride like the wind"


Dave H said...

it's been 2 seconds already where are all the comments?

words i know u aint doing shit, hurry up and comment.

Dave H said...

what can you put on if that little area right below your nose gets chapped and cracked? just regular lip balm?

red said...

This might be my all time favorite post on this here weblog.

We are back, btw. Didn't clean up the spill, but we met an exotic dancer who was protesting the spill. Does that count?

Dave H said... called it a "weblog"

Dave H said...

How was she protesting...she take some of the oil and use it in her act?

Did you know that BP also stands for "Booty Poppin'" ?

Dave H said...

OK maybe I could actually get some sleep if pandora didnt just play Ventura Highway

" the sunshine, when the days are longer the nights are stonger than mooooonshine..."

do-do, do-do

Dave H said...

wtf does "alligator lizards in the air" mean?

Like, the smell? Or they're tripping on acid and see these animals flying around? Two diff animals or a gator-lizard hybrid?

red said...

We met the stripper at a bar when she was off duty. She bummed Liz's fries and talked about astrology. She wasn't very good at protesting.

I don't know the answers to any of your other questions. Are you just trying to get the most comments ever or something?

Dave H said...

EWWW you let her touch your fries after wiping the poll?

BeckEye said...

1st one is Ambrosia, 3rd is Toto. But that 2nd one is driving me nuts.

Malcolm said...

The 2nd song is "You Are the Woman" by Firefall.

Hit us up with some more of that "yacht rock"!

Dave H said...

hahaha dammit i love you guys.

Firefall is a hard one, everyone knows that song but the band is hard.

YATCH what a gr8 term...

Dave H said...

Malcolm I heard that other England Dan song the other day, ur right it's underrated.

Man, we should rent a boat in the marina somewhere and just have a Yacht Rock Blog Party sponsored by GITW...WHO IS DOWN FOR THIS??

Malcolm said...

Which England Dan song? Was it "Love Is the Answer" or "We'll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again"?