Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Liz and Red's All-Star Chat

I don't expect anyone to actually read this, but I found this conversation Liz and I had during the All-Star game pre-show hilarious and so I'm posting...for posterity or something.


me: WTF? Pre-game show?!

Elizabeth: Yeah, this All Star game probably won't get underway for an hour and a half. I'm really starting to hate sports

me: what?!?!?! It's already 8 here and I have to be AT work at 7 tomorrow :(:(:(:(

Elizabeth: Welcome to watching sports on the East Coast

me: sucks

Elizabeth: I'm exaggerating about the hour and a half, but it won't start right away

me: boo-urns. dude how long is Girardi gonna have braces?

Elizabeth: The Yankees manager? I didn't know he had them

me: yeah, he does and has for quite awhile

Elizabeth: He always looks pissed off. I don't think I've ever seen him smile.

Really though, LeBron was kind of the tipping point. I'm starting to hate sports. Or at least the way they’re broadcast.

me: well ESPN has been really terrible for awhile now, for sure

Elizabeth: Yeah. It’s that, it’s the fact that athletes are mostly a-holes who are paid more than the GNP of a lot of countries .... It’s a lot of things

me: yeah, I hear that. It's the fact the Berman and Joe Buck still have freaking jobs!!!

Elizabeth: Right???

me: Buddy!

Elizabeth: haha what's he doing there?

me: and Boch!

they are on the coaching staff apparently. you don't have it on in the office?

Elizabeth: We do

I was just about to say "Bud Black!" to you. You beat me too it

We have the sound down though. I didn't know why Buddy was there.

I guess Manuel picked him as a bench coach

me: yeah. guess so


Elizabeth: what? I wasn't watching

me: Halladay



Okay, I'll stop now

Are they seriously booing?! That's lame

Elizabeth: Who are they booing (we have the sound down)

me: the Red Sox

and they sortof boo'ed the Giants players, too

and the Yankees

Elizabeth: I like it. Angels fans getting a little teeth :)

me: but it's the All Star game!

and they cheer Albert? Stay classy SoCal

Elizabeth: I have no problem booing people in the All Star game.

me: they all laughed it off so I guess it's cool

Elizabeth: Yeah I don't think any feelings are getting hurt, don't worry

If I were an Angel fan, I'd hate the Sox too. We've beaten them a few times

me: yeah, but they are a stupid team who shouldn't exist anyway.

Elizabeth: haha, now who's being mean? Their name is stupid. I recognize their right to exist

me: They cheer for people in their division and boo Joe Girardi. They are dumb

Elizabeth: Look at these actors, being all serious

me: This makes me laugh, This is the All-Stars among us thing

I still heart Julia

I don't care

Elizabeth: Was she in it? I just Ford, Affleck and McConaghey

me: she was first! Julia follows no one!

Elizabeth: I think someone from Glee is singing the nat'l anthem

Way to synergize, Fox!!

Dude, MLB puts everything about the All Star game except the rosters on its Web site. I finally ended up on Wikipedia, as usual

me: what did we do before Wikipedia?

Elizabeth: Lived in darkness

me: pretty much

wow. homegirl just changed keys in the first 2 bars

Elizabeth: ouch


Elizabeth: hahaha of course you didn't. You're perfect

me: and it was pre-recorded.

Elizabeth: I'm sure her's is too

me: I don't think so. parts of it where a complete mess.

Elizabeth: Maybe that was her best take!

That's how much better than her you are.

me: hahaha. I love you Elizabeth :)

Elizabeth: :)

More f-ing commercials?!?! Seriously. Hate. Sports

me: seriously

Elizabeth: I miss the world cup. I'm so un-American. At least soccer games start when they say they're gonna start

me: exactly

Elizabeth: Oh look, cute kids. Vom. It.

sorry, I'm in a pissy mood.

me: I was thinking the same thing. They are terrible. I hate that people think kids should get to do everything.

David Price!!!

Elizabeth: Are there any players you don't think are hot?

me: Big Papi?

Elizabeth: yeah no Red Sox are hot

me: yeah...sorry

Corey Hart

Elizabeth: Corey Hart looks sad to me. At least he did at the Derby last night

me: he looks like a redneck

Elizabeth: a sad redneck

me: yes

Elizabeth: I wish Cano got an error. F-ing yankees

Although, other than the yankee players - Go AL!

me: haha right, right

Elizabeth: I think this is the NL's year though

me: yeah...fingerscrossed!

And then Liz had to go home. Good times, ya'll good times.


MJenks said...

Wait. People still watch the All-Star game?

words...words...words... said...

I think that the three of us should have a sports-talk radio show.

"I recognize their right to exist" killed me. Palestine and the Angels are going to get there!

Also, Red sang the anthem at a Chargers game??

Also also, All-Stars Among Us suck, celebrities at the game suck, and I can't escape those fucking Glee kids.

Liz said...

Yes, Red sang the nat'l anthem at a Charger's game once. I'm amazed she allows me to blog with her.