Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Welcome to the summer of Liz's discontent

What a crap year for summer movies. Last night I was considering going to my local cineplex to see what Hollywood had to offer, and there was seriously nothing worth the cost of entry.


Here is what was playing:

Get Him to the Greek: Jonah Hill annoys me and my jury is still out on Russell Brand.

Knight and Day: I have actually considered seeing this, because it includes a chase scene through Boston, but reviews have been bad.

The A-Team: I seem to remember the A-Team riding around in a van. Ads for this movie had them jumping out of airplanes into helicopters. Haven’t you warped my childhood enough, Hollywood?

The Last Airbender:
Time to hang it up, M. Night.

Twilight: Eclipse: One of these days I am probably going to break down and get into Twighlight. But not today. Not today!!!

Toy Story 3: I’ve actually heard good things about this, but I still haven’t seen Toy Story 2, so …

Grown Ups: This will be my hell.

Splice: While I do heart Adrien Brody, I don’t heart craptastic horror.

The Karate Kid:
See my feelings on The A-Team.

I saw this coming, of course. Back in May, I read a summer movie preview and realized there was almost nothing I wanted to see. But I’m still a bit slack jawed at the festering garbage dump that is this year’s summer season. I saw an art house flick called Winter’s Bone that was pretty good, but in typical art house fashion it’s a small movie and a total downer. I like my summer movies to be big and loud but also entertaining and inventive. Most of these movies go the “big” and “loud” parts right, but little else.

Maybe this fall will bring better fare. Oh, what’s that you say? The fall lineup includes a seventh Saw movie and the third installment in the Meet the Parents saga called Little Fockers? That’s it. I’m moving to France.


MJenks said...

Actually, if you go into the A-Team expecting over-the-top ridiculous action (you know, like the a movie!), you won't be disappointed.

The van's in the movie. But it's hard to run a covert operation in Baghdad in the chi-mo van with the red stripe down the side.

red said...

Inception looks super good and comes out this week, I think.

Liz said...

I'm curious about Inception.

words...words...words... said...

Toy Story 3 was the best of the three, and that's saying something. I also enjoyed Knight and Day...if you go into it just wanting to enjoy yourself and not worry about how much the plot makes sense, it's pretty entertaining.

I'm hoping that I'll enjoy Get Him To The Greek despite the presence of Mr. Brand, and I hope Inception doesn't suck. But your general premise is dead on balls accurate.

Anonymous said...

The A-Team was a fun ride for a summer flick. Of course I went to BC High, so that may skew my appreciation for ridiculous things going boom.

Cyrus appears to be getting good reviews. Dinner for Schmucks could be funny. I too am curious about inception.

The Secret in Their Eyes was good but intense. It won the foreign film oscar for 2010. I'm looking forward to Best Worst Movie which is a documentary about Troll 2 which is horrendously awful.

Okeley dokely.