Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lafayette, I am Your Maker!

True Blood is fast becoming my favorite show on TV. We'll see Sunday if the new season of Mad Men can reclaim the crown (seriously, you guys. Mad Men and True Blood back to back on Sunday nights?! The TV gods are too kind).

Anyway, look what someone on some other blog found! True Blood paper dolls! You can print them out and dress them up and be all...

Lafayette: Why don't you just make me a vampire?
Pam: We'd rather keep you around to sell V because we are the evil vampires.
Lafayette: Whatever, hooker. You made me lose my pizazz!

See! So much fun. Apparently, the creator of these dolls plans on crafting new characters each week until the Season 2 finale. I can't wait to get Hoyt and Jessica.

: Oh, Hoyt! You're so dreamy. Let's do it.
Hoyt: Oh yeah! Afterward, can I read to you from my comic book?
Jessica: Only if it's not sad because when I cry, I cry tears of blood and it's really gross.
Hoyt: Deal
*mmm kiss, kiss, kiss mmmmm*



The Vegetable Assassin said...

You know Jessica is fast becoming my favourite character in True Blood. She's awesome and hilarious. She and Eric are the most interesting to me for some reason. God, that show is fantastic.

MichelleSG said...

No spoilers! We don't have HBO and while I've read all the books the show is just a whole new experience. We have to wait until it comes out on dvd....

red said...

Oops, sorry! Nothing I wrote is super spoilery though.

Liz said...

They should ad you to the writing staff, g-fry. For realz

Brand New said...

Both of these shows are good but I think Dexter is way better. You should be writing about that instead.