Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Happens in Vegas Involves Tom Colicchio

The new season of the real Top Chef debuts tonight. This season Tom, Padma, Gail, that annoying Toby guy (really?) and the kids are in Vegas, baby, Vegas!!! I've truly enjoyed Top Chef Masters and I'm rooting for Hubert or Bayless. They're both so nice! But that's kind of the problem...everyone is so nice and respectful. Where's the drama and cattiness?! And most importantly, where's Colicchio?! Let's hope the new batch of cheftestants (yes, I hate myself for using that word) bring it tonight. As usual, I'm making picks without anything to back it up. I'm going with Michael Voltaggio (because he looks like a prick) or Mattin Noblia (jaunty scarf! jaunty scarf!) FTW. How about you?


McGone said...

Well you certainly got your fill of Colicchio tonight, didn't you? Between Top Chef (Proper) and Top Chef Masters and those semi-surreal and slightly hypocritical Diet Coke commercials, the big baldy was everywhere tonight. And thank God Padma's back and LollipopHead can go away for awhile.

My early money is actually on Jennifer Carroll, even though I feel like she'll get on my nerves in a week or two. Still, that's not nearly as fast as it took WeirdBeard (a.k.a. Kevin Gillespie) and Captain Asshead (a.k.a. New Spike, a.k.a. Michael Isabella) to make me want to punch them.

Andra said...

woo hoo! Loved Top Chef Master's and have had a long-standing relationship with the Original TC! And tomorrow, it Project Runway...excitement only dampened by the fact that I will actually have to watch it on...gasp!...Lifetime! Ugh. Oh well... At least now they can finally say there is something worth watching on that channel.

red said...

McGone: Good riddance to lollipop head!

I don't mind WeirdBeard (it must be his gingerness that gives him a pass), but Captain Asshead is already the most annoying thisng ever...after stupid Dale from season 5(?).

words...words...words... said...

I was kind of unimpressed by the premiere of the new season, but I hope it gets better. The low point was when Falwless told me I look exactly like WeirdBeard. My only initial impression is that I like Eli. He seems fun.

I was happy Rick Bayless won, and happy that he and Hubert were in the final three. I like those guys. And Hubert's Burger Bar restaurant in Vegas is awesome.