Friday, August 28, 2009

San Diego Pride!

This post is all about two things most of you could care less about: San Diego and Little League Baseball. You see, some kids from Chula Vista (located in south San Diego) are in the US finals of the Little League World Series!!! If they win, they have a 50/50 chance of winning the whole damn thing!!! The LLWS is awesome for several reasons:

1. They are kids so they actually care and run out every play and don't take steroids (I'm looking at you, Manny Ramirez).

2. The LLWS actually is a World series. Whoever wins the US Finals (Chula Vista or Texas) will play the team that wins the International final (Taiwan or Mexico).

3. The Chula Vista team has a 6'0", 200+lb 13 year-old who pitches, plays first base and hits 3-run home runs in big games! Now that's an athlete!

All that to say, tune in Saturday to see if the kids from SoCal make it to the Championship game. Go Lake View!


Liz said...

Go Chula!!!

Some Guy said...

I love watching the LLWS. It's sport in its purest form. It takes me back to all those summers growing up where 75% of my waking hours were spent playing baseball.

MichelleSG said...

They are playing San Antonio again aren't they? I tell you what a 200lb 6 ft tall 13 yr old is freakish. I don't know if I'd be ok with being a mom to a kid that much bigger than me at age 13. Weird...

words...words...words... said...

After the LLWS, that 200lb kid should join the Padres. Actually, the whole team would probably make it.


But seriously, I love Little League. I was in a park a while ago and came across a game, and I actually stayed and watched even though I didn't know any of the kids. After sitting there a while, I remembered why baseball is fun.

Andra said...

Hey! They won! New LL Baseball champions of the world!:)