Tuesday, September 29, 2009

DVR Dilemma

I need help. For the first time since it's use became widespread, I am sharing a DVR and I want, nay NEED, to establish some DVR Rules of Etiquette.

You see, my lovely roommate D and I have been living in TV harmony for most of the summer. There wasn't much to watch and what there was, like Rescue Me, I'd record, watch and delete, knowing she stopped watching Denis Leary bang everyone and their mother seasons ago. But now, NOW, there is so much on that we both watch and love, cleaning the DVR is becoming an issue (only for me, mind you, because I am neurotic and thisclose to obsessive-compulsive). I love watching a show and then immediately deleting it. I find this insanely therapeutic. I realize this is weird (I also love doing laundry and dishes. Like I said, I'm weird), but now I keep most of the shows on the DVR for D (we rarely watch things together as she has something called "A boyfriend" and "A life," both of which I'm seriously looking into acquiring). And it's not that I mind saving them for her. I don't at all, but I worry (seriously, this keeps me up at night) that we will both watch something, but leave it on the DVR thinking the other hasn't watched it yet, and then the DVR will fill up and I will freak out and next thing you know we've run out of space and never learn how Ted meets the freaking mother!!!

I realize this problem could easily be solved by what the kids call "talking about it," but I hate making TV so important it leads to a weekly conversation about clearing the DVR (yes, I realize the ridiculousness here. Shut up). I thought about making a list and having us each check off when we've watched things, but that seems truly ridiculous, too. So, I'm hoping you have some solutions for me, dear readers. How do you deal with clearing the DVR? Obviously, my fragile psyche needs your help.

There wasn't a logical, interesting image to go with this post, so here's a half-naked Jamie Bamber!


Liz said...

I'm a big fan of lists. I propose putting a wipe board somewhere near the TV where you have the shows you all want to watch, and then check it off you've seen it. When a show has two checks, it can be deleted. Like turning two keys in a submarine.

Is this a little over the top and crazy? Sure, but so are you dear.

Oh, and thanks so much for the half naked Jamie Bamber! It really brightened up my Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

How about just casually yelling out "Hey D. You watched 'Martha Stewart's Cake and Bake' yet, or what?" then deleting or saving as appropriate? :)

MichelleSG said...

White board, that sounds perfect. OCD? Yeah so what. In our house it's easy. I don't know how to get into the DVR functionality other than figuring out how to record. Brennan takes care of all of the kid's cartoons that she's watched (they both love Start Wars Clone Wars) and we watch the other stuff together. If there's too much on it and it can't record he has a hissy fit. See, you aren't the only one.

Red said...

"White board" occurred to so many of us I'm thinking it has to be the answer.

BeckEye said...

What is this DVR contraption you speak of? I know nothing of this.

Liz said...

Is it White Board or Wipe Board? Either one makes sense!

words...words...words... said...

I was going to suggest the whiteboard idea, but since everyone already did, I'm going to suggest carving it into the wall like you're in jail.

I LOVE deleting stuff just after I watch it, too. It's like getting a bunch of paperwork off your desk. However, I hate laundry and dishes with a passion, so you are free to come do mine if you don't have any of your own to do.

red said...

Liz: I've always heard "white" board, but you're right. Wipe board sounds good, too!

I think the White Board may be the way to go, but I'm cheap so Veggie's idea may win the day!