Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This (mostly) Just In...

Eddie Izzard runs 43 Marathons in 51 Days - In news that makes my hour long walks look downright ridiculous, everyone's favorite cross-dressing comedian ran over a thousand miles through the UK in the past month and a half. Someone's seen Forrest Gump a few too many times.

Harry Potter Theme Park to Open in 2010
- Liz, we need to book tickets in Orlando immediately!

Some Awesome Tumblrs You Should Check Out Immediately -

Guinness Turns 250 - Here's to you, you glorious beverage. And here's to many more years spent enjoying each other.


Anonymous said...

Re: The Izzard thing. Did he do it in HEELS though? Ha.

I agree too. Reading about his marathons made my attempts to walk an hour a day seem pathetic. Damn him.

words...words...words... said...

43 marathons in 51 days? That is just sick. Seriously, I wouldn't have thought it possible. I wonder if he planted a flag at the end.

And mmm, Guinness. I dutifully went out and got a six-pack of the 250th anniversary brew, and my full report is: Meh. I could hardly tell the difference, and if there was one, it was that it was a little more watery.

Jon said...

I do love me some Guinness. But it's like the Drunk College Girl of beers, in that I don't really care how old it is.