Thursday, September 10, 2009

Liz and Red on the Obama Speech

Don't worry. This is not really political. It's just the exchange Liz and I had at the start of the Obama Heath Care speech, posted here (a la The G-Chat Diaries) for your enjoyment (because we are so hilarious):

5:05pm PST

Liz: Obama's on the television talking about health care, if you want to watch.
Red: And stop watching Greek?!?! Okaaay
Liz: Nevermind
Red: I'm kidding!
Liz: I know :) I have to watch it for work. You seemed to have some interest in this issue, so I'm just giving you a heads up.
Red: No, I appreciate it. Thanks
Liz: And because you love Barack Obama and want to have 10,000 of his babies
Red: Well who doesn't?
Liz: Good point
Red: Did it not start yet?
Liz: He hasn't started talking. All these congress people are shaking hands and pretending they don't hate each other. These things never start on time. Am I huge nerd for knowing that?
Red: Pretty much.
Okay. I'm watching now. Charlie Gibson, what!
Liz: We have Katie Couric on our TV.
Red: Why is Newsome there?
Liz: He is? I don't know. He probably has lobbyists or party elders to meet with.
Red: He's starting to bug me!!!
Liz: I haven't seen enough of him to bug me yet. I'm sure he will by the time the election comes around :)
Red: Oooh. Michelle looks pretty!
Liz: Not crazy about Michelle's shirt, maybe I have to see the whole thing. Can you give us a pan back, CBS?
Red: I love the color
Liz: The color's nice. I'm not big on pleats and bow ties though
Red: Right. Agreed. She's still so pretty. I think I want to have her babies.
Liz: I do have a total girl crush on her.
Is it just my TV or does Barry look orange?
Red: He does have a lot of makeup on.

5:20ish PST

Red: Good one!!!
Liz: I missed it! We were making Town Hall meeting jokes!
Red: He said "I'm not the first president to take up the cause of health care, but I'm determined to be the last." [Boom. Roasted!]
Liz: nice

5:40ish PST
Red: I bet Michelle's outfit is super cute without that coat.



Brand New said...

I know the Voting Rights Act had good intentions but maybe an "issues comprehension test" isn't such a bad idea.

Mathdude said...

Wow, that was some in depth polical analysis there! That was even better than watching CSPAN.