Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Best TV Shows of 2009

It was a good year for TV and I'm still formulating this list in my head. Let's discover my favorites together, shall we?

10. Big Love HBO - The third season of the polygamist drama was chock full of deceit and murder and even a controversial look into the Mormon church and it's rituals. This show just keeps getting better.

9. Lost ABC - Season 5 will be remembered as the season the hit show really let it's Geek Flag fly. I'm still not sure what the frak is going on, but I can't wait to find out.

8. Glee Fox - I realize it's too cheesetastic for a lot of people, but I like it. The music is fantastic and it reminds me so very much of my high school days.

7. Friday Night Lights NBC - I've not watched the latest season, as it won't be on regular TV until the summer (I think), but season 3 was a great. Coach and Tami are still the best couple on TV, Lyla has become less of a skeeze, and watching the Riggins brother, Jason and Herc flip Buddy Garrity's house was one of the funniest things ever.

6. 30 Rock NBC - Deal breakers. Slankets. Night cheese. Liz Lemon speaks to me (and every other women like me...I know...I am not special). The most recent episodes have been uneven at times, but it's still one of the best shows on TV.

5. Dexter Showtime - Best nemesis ever (John Lithgow) + Best ending ever = Best season ever.

4. Breaking Bad AMC - Bryan Cranston is so good on this show, it's ridiculous. Add Aaron Paul's outstanding performance, drugs, chemistry, cancer and small town America and it's hard to understand why more people aren't watching.

3. Curb Your Enthisiasm HBO - Hands down, the funniest show of the year. Nothing else comes close.

2. Mad Men AMC - A friend of mine said to me last night, "You and Liz are obsessed with Mad Men" and why wouldn't we be? It's a phenomenon. Good season and perhaps the most satisfying season finale of all time (what? hyperbole suits me!).

1. True Blood HBO - I don't care if it's campy...or if most of the foreign-born actors have trouble with southern accents...I love this show. It's my favorite of 2009 and summer 2010 can't come soon enough.

Honorable Mentions - Damages, Torchwood: Children of Earth, Dollhouse, Rescue Me, #1 Ladies Detective Agency


How is there not room on the actual list for this awesome season of Rescue Me? Gah!


Anonymous said...

That was a kick ass list. The only thing I haven't seen is Friday Night Lights - everything else I love. I can't wait for the return of Lost and Breaking Bad this winter/spring. I'm that excited! Breaking Bad in particular was probably my favourite show of the last two years. It's so damn addictive, exciting and has some prime funny moments too, all in one package. I hope they can keep it up in season three.

words...words...words... said...

We seem to like a lot of the same shows, so I'm going to approve of your list even though I haven't seen so much as single episode of six of these ten shows. Makes me wonder what the hell I do with my time.

Garney said...

Best shows not listed:
1. Modern Family (ABC)
2. Party Down (starz)
3. The Office (NBC)
4. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX)
5. The League (FX)

I don't watch Big Love or Friday Night Lights (or any of the honorable mentions with the exception of Rescue Me) but I really enjoy everything else you listed (especially Breaking Bad and Curb) with the exception of Glee, which I only mildly enjoy.

South Park also deserves an honorable mention for the funniest moment on TV this year when Cartman sings about too many minorities at the water park... "And I even saw a Native American (Gross!)"

BeckEye said...

Great list. I love Glee and 30 Rock, but you're right, it was hard to beat Curb Your Enthusiasm this year. It was just so damn brilliant.

Big props to Garney for giving Sunny a shout-out.