Monday, December 21, 2009

The List: Vol. 6

This is my least favorite week of the year. It's not because Christmas is looming and I'm in a rush to finish my shopping (I'm done, actually) and it's not because everyone seems to be all cozy and coupley and I am eternally single and it's not because the weather is cold and gloomy (it was 80 here this weekend...suckas!). Nope, it's because Liz is back home visiting her family and she's not here to chat with me all day. This makes me very sad. So, I need to make a list of things I've liked recently to remind myself things could be way worse (though really, I'm not sure how). Here goes:

Movie: Up in the Air - This weekend, while everyone was watching Avatar, I caught the new movie from Jason Reitman (Juno) starring George Clooney. It's really good and, like, perfect for 2009, as Clooney plays a hired gun who sweeps into downsizing companies and fires people. There's sexting and the technology vs. human interaction argument and great performances by Clooney and Anna Kendrick. Check it out immediately.

DVD: Paper Heart - I was eager to see this pseudo-documentary about love from Charlene Yi (the weird Asian girl in Knocked Up) and it did not disappoint. It is adorable and funny and charming and really well done. Queue it up!

TV: Dollhouse - It's already been cancelled so, of course, it's getting even better. With sleeper agents and evil scientists, I can't wait to see how the remaining episodes play out. PLUS, fellas, Eliza Dushku may be a terrible actress, but she's semi-naked in every single there's that.

And something that sucks almost as much as Liz being away:

Travesties: The
Survivor Finale - SPOILER ALERT! Last night's Survivor finale was retarded. The jury picked the "nice" girl who didn't ruffle feathers over one of the best Survivor players ever. People are dumb.

What you got?


BeckEye said...

What's this "fellas" nonsense? You could be a little more sensitive. Eliza is #5 on my lesbian list. How did I not know she was half naked on that show???

I really want to see Up in the Air but who knows when I'll get the chance. I guess you could say my plans to see it are - wait for it...wait for it - the...air!

red said...

Oh man, you are hilarious, Becks.

Sorry about neglecting to include you in the Eliza love. She's too skinny for my tastes and I guess I expect all lesbian lists to look exactly like mine.

Malcolm said...

I've been too busy scoping out Eliza D. to notice whether or not she can act worth a damn. I'll have to see if I can ogle and critique her acting at the same time.

Here are some things I've been digging lately:

Glee (just like "Pushing Daisies" did, I always have a smile on my face at episode's end)

Elvis: 30 #1 Hits (although I bought this CD several years ago, it's lately been in heavy rotation in my car and at work)

Psych (Shawn and Gus are one of the best buddy duos of all time)

The 24 hour Humphrey Bogart marathons on Wednesdays this month on TCM (nothing more needs to be said)

Anonymous said...

I wondered about 'Up in the Air'. I think I'll go catch it.

words...words...words... said...

I am dying to see Up In The Air. I like George Clooney more than anyone who has no interest in screwing him should.

Garney said...

I saw Up in the Air last night (I went with the rest of America and saw Avatar opening day in IMAX 3D) and I would have liked it a lot more if it weren't so overly praised. Anna Kendrick was the best part of the movie. Clooney did what Clooney normally does (though it was a very well-written character) and the whole relationship aspect of the film just felt like Last Chance Jerry Maguire. It was a great opportunity for a lot of character actors to get a few minutes in what is certain to be a big awards contender... though I think (like Nine and Invictus) it will be one of the movies that gets a lot of nominations but doesn't win anything.

As for a movie I saw recently in the theater and fell in love with, I finally caught Fantastic Mr. Fox last week. One of my favorite movies of the year, and definitely Wes Anderson's best. We should have seen that one instead of The Road when I was visiting over Thanksgiving.

After seeing Up in the Air last night, I went to my local Redbox (something I only recently started doing) and considered renting Paper Heart, but instead went with The Cove which is definitely worth seeing. I was just impressed that both of those titles were Redbox selections.

I will probably never get around to watching Dollhouse, but I did check out the new TNT series Men of a Certain Age and it is quite good. I expected it to be a show unworthy of its great cast (Ray Romano, Scott Bakula, Andre Braugher) but the characters are written just as compellingly as they are performed. I've never gotten into a TNT series before (the only one I ever really attempted was Raising the Bar) but now I totally have.

I don't have a travesty to provide so I'll just tell you about an album I'm really getting into right now: Phrazes for the Young from Julian Casablancas. There's even a bonus track where he performs "Christmas Time is Here" originally sang by Horatio Sanz and Jimmy Fallon accompanied by Chris Kattan and Tracy Morgan on SNL. But the whole album plays like what could have been the best Strokes album since Is This It.