Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More on The Sing Off

Because I so love posting things no one cares about but me, my favorite number from The Sing Off...Styx "Come Sail Away" by Tufts University's Beelzebubs:

How adorable is that lead singer?!

Also, Ben Folds need to host something full time...anything. He is amazing.

That is all.

UPDATE: Ugh! Stupid YouTube. The performance can still be seen here. Scroll down to the second video.


Andra said...

Loved that number! My fave by far! However, you video no longer works. Boo.

BeckEye said...

I haven't watched this show at all, but I hate it now because I read on someone's blog yesterday that "the Bubs" were one of the finalists, and at pub trivia, one of the questions was to name one of the top 3 finalists on the show. So, I figured it was the Bubs and that I was lucky to have just read that. Obviously, I didn't get a point because their full name is the Beezlebubs. What are they, a bunch of Satan worshippers?

Malcolm said...

Although Nota were well deserving of the title, I was surprised the Beelzebubs didn't win the competition. You are right about Mr. Folds. It never occurred to me until I saw him on The Sing-Off, but he would be an ideal talk show host.

The guilty pleasures the groups sang in that episode were pretty weak. I know it's all subjective, but I was expecting the groups to hit us with some Starland Vocal Band, Manilow, Air Supply, etc.