Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Scenes from Southern California

Date/Time: Nov. 25, 2008 9:04 p.m. PST
Place: Outside Winston's bar, Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA

RED and LIZ are exiting the bar. Simultaniously, they wipe something off their faces.

Red: Did you feel that?
Liz: Yeah, it was water. Where did that come from?

They both turn around, seeing nothing.

Red: I don't know. That's gross though.
Liz: Yeah, seriously! Well, my car is across the street.
Red: OK, see you later.
Liz: Drive safe.

While walking across the street, LIZ once again feels water on her face. Something dawns on her.

Liz: (Yelling across the street). You know what, Red? I think it's rain!
Red: Oh. Yeah. You're probably right.



red said...

Enjoy your cold ass Thanksgiving, suckas!

Dr Zibbs said...

Expect a turkey carcass to arrive on your steps in a few days.

Poobomber said...

We'll see who's laughing when you finally get your birthday puppy in the mail.

danielle970 said...

May SoCal get a freak snowstorm that shuts down the entire area on Saturday, but doesn't affect your work schedule on Monday! HA!

pistols at dawn said...

It was actually a guy peeing off the roof of the bar.

Living previously in SoCal has ruined me for rain. I never take an umbrella, assuming I'll be fine, and then I end up ruining everything in my pockets yet again.

david wells said...

wow, this post makes me sad. maybe I will box up some snow this winter and send it your way

The Guv'ner said...

I hate you guys. :) Rain indeed.

Must move to San Diego.

I remember once every few years back in the UK I'd be like "What the HELL is that light???" and one day someone told me it was THE SUN.