Friday, July 17, 2009

This (mostly) Just In...

So, Harry Potter week was more like a few Harry Potter days, but that's just how we roll around here...half-assed and forgetful. For your Friday, here are some tidbits you may or may not care about:

Emmy Nominations are Out - Even though 30 Rock received more nominations than any show, ever, I refuse to acknowledge the Emmy as a legitimate award until they stop nominating Two and a Half Men for Best Comedy Every Damn Year!

Starbucks to try adding booze to their coffee - When I worked at The Buck, we had people tell us all the time that we should offer bourbon or Kahlua or other liquors with the coffee. Apparently, those alcoholics may get their wish.

San Diego Plagued by Giant Squid - I love that I learned this from the BBC. I am so up with current events!

Comic-Con Next Week - Zillions of nerds will invade my lovely city next week...and I'm jealous of every single one of them.

Countdown to Mad Men: 31 Days - I am literally counting down the days to the season 3 premiere. I made one of those paper chain countdown thingies and everything.

Have a great weekend, you guys!


Liz said...

Just started MadMen Season 2 on DVD, should be caught up in time to watch season 3 with you!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

One of those nerds will not be me.

I'm jealous of them, too.

Immersing yourself in nerdiness? In lovely San Diego? In the proximity of Red?

Curse you. All of them.

The Vegetable Assassin said...

I read the Emmy list yesterday and growled. WIth all the new innovative shows out there why do they keep nominating shit like, as you said, "Two and a Half Men" and "House" which has been around for years and gets worse every season, while only giving a brief acknowledgment to the decent shows? Is it about RATINGS?

Liz said...

Hollywood, putting commerce over quality? I don't believe you!!

words...words...words... said...

I can't wait until thirty seconds after Starbucks introduces this, when the first person orders a venti Jagermeister latte, hold the coffee and milk.

Every year, most of my friends go to Comic Con. Every year, I make fun of them.

I hope you have a good weekend too :)

P.S., Veggie...take back what you said about House!

JennyMac said...

I agree with the 2.5 men should be called "Ducky and the drug using stripper chaser"

Garney said...

Actually Two and a Half Men didn't get nominated for comedy series but they did nominate both Sheen and Cryer. As far as the industry goes it is a hugely successful show so I can understand it getting nominations. At least it never wins anything.

I'm glad they went ahead and made it seven nominees in the major categories... it's kind of like they retired a spot for Tony Shalhoub who got his seventh consecutive nomination for Monk. That dude has won more awards for that show than the number of actual times I've watched that show.