Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tragedy Strikes San Diego Area Band

You guys! As you all know, Liz and I are hard at work on our amazing cover band called "Let's Make Out." However, tragedy struck this weekend when Liz learned there's already a band, in San Diego, called "Let's Make Out" and they're already playing gigs! Obviously, Liz and I have dibs on LMO (as we snatched it up as soon as Garney mentioned it when we were asking for name suggestions nearly a year ago) and these wannabes STOLE it from us! So now the question is, what do we do? I leave it to you, dear readers, to choose:

1. Keep the name, knowing full well we will be better and bigger than this so called "band" who actually play "in public" will ever hope to be?


2. Change the name to one of the following:

  • "Mormon Chaos" (currently the title of out first record)?
  • "Winning America and Watching Lost"(an obviously hilarious inside joke)?
  • Something else someone suggests in the comments?
Well, what do you think. Please weigh in below. We need you now more than ever!!!


Anonymous said...

Those fuckers! Still, you never win these battles so I'd change it. I'm kinda digging MORMON CHAOS!

God said...

Damn, you know what? My post tomorrow morning was going to be 'if I had a band I'd name it..."

And my first choice was:

I kid you not!

BeckEye said...

What about Let's Fuck?

words...words...words... said...

You should move to England and become Let's Make Out UK.

Recognizing that this is a rather drastic solution, maybe you could arrange a battle of the bands where the winner gets to keep the name. It's like racing for pink slips, except with lots more making out.

If this bold gambit fails, I have a large backlog of band names I will never use. You can come rummage through them.

Mathdude said...

The New Let's Make Out? Psycho Cyber Bitches From Hell? Just don't use Eating Chicken Vindaloo - I've already trademarked the t-shirts. I think Beckeye got the winner.

McGone said...

I was always fond of "Homeless Debutante."

Red said...

If you go with McGone, it has to be plural. "Homeless Debutantes" is a good name.

red said...

Thanks so much for your awesome suggestions. You know we'll keep you posted.

Garney said...

5 more suggestions:
Stupid Pretty
All Nude
Women Went Tamed
24 Hour Drive Thru

Brand New said...

I used to play a game where you had to come up with the funniest variations for existing band names by replacing an existing word with fuck.

Examples: Fuckbox 20, Fuck 182, 10,000 Fucks, Greatful Fuck, The Dave Matthews Fuck - have a few beers and it gets funnier.

In this spirit I say BeckEye wins.

If not, how 'bout The Pretty Pistols? Or Cover Me Softly? Or The Dirty Sheets?