Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Top 5: Harry Potter Characters We'd Most Like to Snog

As I mentioned yesterday, it's Harry Potter week! Liz and I kicked off the celebration by crushing all comers at our local pub trivia contest where this week's quiz finished with an all Harry Potter section (it was really too easy). And here at The Watchword, I thought we'd start things off as we usually do...lusting after people who don't actually exist. Here now are the 5 dreamiest Potter characters (as determined by me):

Oliver Wood - Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team in the first 3 books, Wood can be a bit of a task master, but his good looks and Scottish accent make up for all his faults.

Viktor Krum - I'm a sucker for Eastern European dudes, even if they are a bit dim. Hailing from rival school Durmstrang, Krum is a superstar in the Quiddich world before he's even out of school. Tall, dark, handsome and athletic. Yes, please! (Bonus points for the adorable way he utters Hermionie's name.)

Cedric Diggory - The king of Hogwarts during the Goblet of Fire, every dame wants to date Cedric and every dude wants to be him. Naturally, like all dudes, he has an Asian fetish. It doesn't hurt that he's played by dreamy Robert Pattinson in the movies (I like his hair in that picture. Shut up). Gone too soon. RIP!!!

Remus Lupin - He's a werewolf. Does it get sexier than that?

Bill Weasley - Reportedly, the dreamiest of the Weasley clan, Bill works with dragons and bags Fleur Delacour. Plus, he's a ginger. You didn't think I'd make a list and not include a ginger, did you?

Your own picks in the comments.

Don't look at me like that. You know I love you both, too.


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I can't believe Krum made it over Wood. I can see Cedric--maybe--but dropping Wood so far down the scale? Unfathomable!

5) Madame Hooch. She's a bit of a cougar.

4) Tonks. I have a feeling that I'd keep uttering "make 'em bigger" while we're together, though.

3) Katie Bell. I like the athletic ones.

2) Fleur. The naive innocence and the accent can only mean that she's a demon in the sack. Way to go, Bill.

1) Ginny. Duh, thing for redheads.

I realize that snogging doesn't exactly equal "in bed", but...*shrug*

red said...

Well, they were in no particular order. They are unrankable.

I figured the chick list would go something like your picks...but, c'mon, no Hermionie?!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

When it comes to relationships, I prefer to be the only insufferable know-it-all.

MichelleSG said...

There is only one for me, Oliver Wood. I fell in lust with him at first sight. B makes fun of me but I don't care, he's hot. Yes I know that plants me right in the middle of cougar land but it's not like I'll ever get my paws on him or anything....

Liz said...

In the books, Wood isn't described as being all that attractive. But in the movies - Yowza!! Good pick.

Its the opposite with one of my favs - Sirius Black. I pictured him being really attractive in the books, but Gary Oldman in the movies ... doesn't really do it for me. So I would go with Sirius Black, book version.

words...words...words... said...

1. Ginny
2. Luna
3. Hermione
4. Ginny
5. Ginny

Anonymous said...

O_O I cant believe no one else posted this!! GEORGE WEASLEY!!! <33

Anonymous said...

Charlie Weasley is the one that works with dragons. Bill works at Gringotts. Not to be mean or anything...

Anonymous said...

Bill works with money :P Charlie's the one that works with darngons!

Anonymous said...

Have to agree where are the Weasley twins? :P

Anonymous said...

Bill does not work with dragons charlie the second oldest works with dragons bill works in egypt

BlackAngel1996 said...

I agree with two of the anonymous coments! Team TWIN all the way!!!<3 O.o sorry I was obsessing again ^^' but my top five (in no particular order) are:
Fred Weasly
George Weasly
Oliver Wood
Draco Malfoy KIDDING!!!!! Hate his guts! DX Seamus Finigin
And probably Harry himself

But Ron (mostly when he's older) and Cedrick are close to being in the top 5
Sorry if I spelled any names wrong it's been a LONG time since I've read the books