Thursday, October 9, 2008

In Which Someday Google Will Rule Us All

I just stumbled across this little gem. Apparently, you can put "Mail Goggles" on your Gmail account to prevent you from sending late night emails you may later regret. If you ever get the urge to confess your undying love or hatred after a few too many cocktails, Gmail will block those emails until you complete some simple math problems (basically, until Gmail verifies you are coherent enough to broadcast your late night thoughts). I can think of a few emails I would have liked to e-block, but really, I need this for my phone to stop me from sending texts messages after respectable hours. Can someone get on that please?

This picture has nothing to do with the post. It just makes me laugh really hard.


words words words said...

Mail Goggles is a hilarious idea. But I must say, I've never gotten a less-than-stellar late night text. I'd rather block the boring ones you get at 2 in the afternoon.

And damn, that kid DOES love coloring!

pistols at dawn said...

Here's what I'd suggest for the text messages: take those people out of your phone. Then it's impossible. Or, have Sprint, because then you'll never get enough of a signal to send messages.

Falwless said...

That is fucking hilarious!

(And so is that picture. I will always adore that picture. Except it's much funnier, "I FUCKING LOVE COLORING!" Oh well.)

Falwless said...

hahaha @ "have Sprint.."

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

What if you're sober, but really really dumb? We could see a spate of idiots throwing their computers out of their windows because Google won't let them send an email after they fail to add 3 and 5 correctly.

I'm trying to think why this is a bad thing, but can't come up with anything.

Del-V said...

Math problems will only stop Americans from sending late-night drunken emails.

MelO said...

Ha ha... the roommate pointed this out to me the other day and restricted herself immediately, every day between 10 pm and 4 am (she has a reputation for being the Queen of drunk calls/messages/texts/emails). We also decided it would be a much better application on a cell phone! (because she can memorize too many numbers!)

Well Weds night, after she had made her fifth Screwdriver, we went up to test it out.

She put it on the hardest level and I didn't help at all! those questions were SOOO EASY! She passed no problem and even picked up on the fact that the first and last "problem" were the same. Lol