Thursday, December 11, 2008

What Pop Culture Lies Would You Tell for Love?

I just stumbled upon this article which claims 33% of women and 46% of men lie to their friends or potential lovers about their reading habits to appear more impressive and intelligent. I get that, as I am very wary of men who don't read (why, I've even mentioned it before), so men are always all, "OMG. I was reading Kurt Vonnegut the other day. That dude makes me LOL."* Now, this article makes me suspect these non-existent gentleman callers may be exaggerating a bit. How dare they! It also got me thinking about lies I've told for love and/or street cred. I can't think of anything I've specifically told someone I was into when I wasn't, but I can think of a few things I've neglected to tell people because I "fear" their judginess. I will now reveal one to you, friends, because what is my purpose here if not to have you mock me incessantly? Here goes:

I love the album Millennium by Backstreet Boys. Love it. I know every word to every song and I listen to it probably once a month and sing my damn head off. It is now, and will always be, one of my favorite albums to sing along to.

I won't get into why I own and know this album, but I do...and I'm okay with it...but I'd probably wait until married to spring this info on a potential suitor. Except, I've just told all of you. I guess that takes all the single men who read this out of my dating pool. (Nice one, Red. Like you need to make that pool smaller. You're such a dummy sometimes (confession #2: I talk to myself...often)).

Anyway, what lies (or lies of omission) would you tell for love or lust? Let's see you top my BSB confession. I'm pretty sure I am untoppable!

*totally a quote from my imaginary boyfriend.


Liz said...

I'm more about the omitting than the lying too. Like, I don't like to tell people that Forrest Gump still makes me cry. Except that I just told all of you .... shit

pistols at dawn said...

Most people omit - that's not the same as actively lying. For some reason, in my "relationships," there's usually a period during date 1 or 2 where we both spend hours revealing everything embarrassing about ourselves to get it out on the table while we're still too attracted to each other for it to be a dealbreaker.

Fortunately, though, reading good books is the one area I don't have to lie about, because it's what I'm doing while the world watches Celebrities dance and amateurs sing - surprise - amateurishly, if they don't kill themselves in front of Paula Abdul's house first.

Still, embarrassing? I never learned how to ride a bike, I got in an argument this weekend about how I like New Found Glory more than I like the Beatles, and I've never seen any Godfather movie, but I've seen both Breakin' movies, both Ski Schools, and both Dream a Little Dreams.

Poobomber said...

I must admit, I'm not a huge reader. Usually the books I like reading are not of the Kurt Vonnegut variety, they're more the Dick Masterson variety.

I'd rather write than read. Screw new ideas.

words words words said...

I am woefully un-well read when it comes to classic novels. I love reading, but I tend to read nonfiction. Also, I cannot judge anyone for liking the Backstreet Boys when I like Def Leppard unironically.

steckarrr said...

Good thing I usually date dumb dudes, I can impress them by saying I've read the Lonely Planet's guide to Baja.

Del-V said...

I honestly don't know a thing about country or hip-hop music nor do I get most pop-culture references.

d said...

While I have dumped someone for not knowing what NPR was (even though he was so pretty, it was a shame), I am really honest about my reading habits.

Except for that one summer I devoured romance novels. That I choose to forget. Oh and the fact that in fifth grade, I was the creepy kid obsessed with Steven King.

Sharon said...

I've been known to effusively praise Avril Lavigne on first dates. I've been told it's charming? But they could have been lying to try to sleep with me.

Either way, Millennium is a phenomenal album, and superfun to lip synch to. Never be ashamed!

MelO said...

Holy shit! I like New Found Glory more than the Beatles, too!!! LOL!!

I can't really think of much now. I am definitely more of an omitter than a liar. Ha!



I just thought of one and I'm totally NOT admitting to it HERE! (LMAO... you know because of all the potential love I may find at your blog)

BeckEye said...

I don't lie about anything I like. Fuck people if they don't approve. I love "Millennium" too. And "Black and Blue." And the first one...what was that...self titled I think. I went to see BSB in concert. I only went because I wanted to take my nieces, but I had just as much fun as they did.

There are so many classics I've never read, but when I finally did read "A Confederacy of Dunces" and "Slaughterhouse Five," specifically, I was like, ehhhhhhh. Okay, what was all the fuss about??

Mathdude said...

You're into the Backstreet Boys and you're still single - hmmph.

I liked Galapagos and Cat's Cradle. Some of the others were ok, some, not that good.