Thursday, May 15, 2008

What Are Your Pop-Culture Deal Breakers?

Recently, I had a conversation with someone who has developed a movie related test to determine whether a lady is "the one" or not (he wouldn't tell me what the test entails. I assume it's because I would pass it and then he'd have to marry me and, let's face it, no one wants that). It got me thinking...what would eliminate someone from my potential pool of luvahs? (someone who says "luvah" for one.) Here's what I came up with:

1. Lack of appreciation for Bruce Springsteen - Now, you don't have to be Bruce's #1 fan or anything, but admitting he's "The Boss" is pretty essential. Likewise, an appreciation for Journey is vital as I sing their stuff at karaoke...a lot.

2. An intolerance for karaoke - I realize this is asking quite a bit, but I like singing and sometimes the car just doesn't cut it.

3. Hatred of all things English - Except for post-Police Sting. That guy blows.

4. Inability to laugh at the movies and TV shows I find hilarious - My impeccable taste will not be challenged! I once dated someone who'd never seen The Big Lebowski. We watched it together and he didn't like it. I should have ended things there, but I didn't. Because I am a moron.

5. Non-readers - People that don't read for pleasure are highly suspect. Kinda like guys who don't like sports. That ain't right!

So there are my deal breakers. What are yours?


Liz said...

I'm always suspcious of guys who claim no women are funny/all female fronted bands suck/anything show or movie aimed at chicks is stupid/etc. If you hate women that much, maybe you shouldn't date them. I've never really gone out with a guy like that, but I've met plenty. Most of them don't even realize it.

Liz said...

Oh, and Yankees fans. Being a Yankee fan is a deal breaker for me. Sorry Tri-State area!

doorknob_dan said...

Hahaha what's wrong with dudes that don't like sports! We are superior men!

Falwless said...

People who make lists of pop-culture dealbreakers!

Just kidding. I tend to dislike music snobs. Just because a certain music is "popular" doesn't make it crap. What's the purpose of music - enjoyment of listening? If I enjoy listening to, oh, I dunno, say, MAROON 5, who are you to tell me it's garbage? I LIKE IT, DAMN IT.

Sorry, this is a touchy subject. I HATE MUSIC SNOBS.

pistols at dawn said...

I used to care about this kind of stuff, then I realized that if we like different movies, it just gives me an excuse to spend more time away from her, which is pretty awesome.

Also, maybe it's just because I don't own any farm implements, but I don't care for the Boss none. He's not bad, he's just not my cup of tea. Then again, I also dislike Bob Marley, the Doors, and the Beatles, so I'm usually the one in the wrong there.

Red said...

Liz: Good one! And I'm sure the entire Tri-state area is very disappointed.

Dan: You're so manly you don't need to express your manliness by playing sports? I dunno...

Fal: I can seem like a music snob, but I'm not. I just hide my guilty pleasures from the world out of shame. If I told you the last 5 songs I've downloaded, you would love me again.

Pistols: I only care about this because my standards are so low I have to establish some kind of rules for myself to avoid dating the homeless.

Liz said...

I don't know Red, the Homeless LOVE the Boss

pistols at dawn said...

Red, I don't even draw those lines anymore. Plus, when I give her a ride home, I can drop her off anywhere and still technically be right.

I think my problem was I said no girls who didn't like punk rock. Then, I dated a girl who loved ALL, which fit the letter of the law, but not its spirit at all.

doorknob_dan said...


Red, I don't even draw those lines anymore. Plus, when I give her a ride home, I can drop her off anywhere and still technically be right.

That was the funniest thing I've heard this year so far man. Hahahaha, I'm laughing and it must be 10 minutes later still, hahaha.

BeckEye said...

I agree with all of yours. I could never be with someone who:

1. Hates John Travolta (especially if he hates Grease)
2. Hates Pearl Jam
3. Doesn't appreciate The Twilight Zone
4. Doesn't agree that Will Ferrell is a comedic genius
5. Thinks Heather Graham is hot or, worse, actually believes that she is a good actress

And for Fal, I hate music snobs too. I, like Red, may also seem like one at times but I'm really not. But I am a human snob, and Adam Levine just happens to be a turd and not a human. And his band are a bunch of dingleberries and the stuff that comes out of them collectively is like musical skidmarks. But that's just my opinion. It also happens to be true. (Exception: "Harder to Breathe," the single that tricked me into buying their horrible, horrible CD.)

Mathdude said...

I guess I'll have to cross myself off your list unless numbers 1,2, and 4 are negotiable.

Garney said...

There was this girl I had a crush on who was in an English class I took at Paloimar College when I was 19 and after class one day I asked her if I could give her a survey for a different class I was taking (which was bullshit of course). I started with asking how she would describe her political stance, then to name the first 3 personal favorite movies that came to mind, the last book that she read that was not an assignment, to rate her enthusiasm for country music on a scale of one to ten, and then asked when and where the last place her boyfriend took her to dinner. All the answers were great except for the last one.