Thursday, January 22, 2009

And the Nominees Are...

I correctly predicted 72 out of 97 nominations, which is an improvement from last year's 66 out of 99 (last year there were 5 nominated songs).

You can see the complete list of nominations here.

1. Martin McDonagh's original screenplay nomination for In Bruges!
2. Richard Jenkins best actor nomination for The Visitor (as I had predicted)
3. Frozen River's Melissa Leo nominated for best actress instead of Sally Hawkins for Happy-Go-Lucky

1. No nomination for Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan
2. No Best Picture nomination for The Dark Knight
3. No nomination for Bruce Springsteen's The Wrestler
4. The Reader gets nominated for Best Picture and Best Director
5. Wanted gets nominations in Sound caegories instead of Defiance

PICTURE: In Bruges and The Visitor
DIRECTOR: Christopher Nolan "The Dark Knight" and Martin McDonagh "In Bruges"
ACTOR: Colin Farrell "In Bruges" and Clint Eastwood "Gran Torino"
ACTRESS: Emily Mortimer "Transsiberian" and Rebecca Hall "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"
SUPPORTING ACTOR: Liev Schreiber "Defiance" and Colin Farrell "Cassandra's Dream"
SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Rosemarie DeWitt "Rachel Getting Married" and Michelle Williams "Synecdoche, New York"
ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: Tom McCarthy "The Visitor" and Charlie Kaufman "Synecdoche, New York"
ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: David S. Goyer and the Nolan brothers "The Dark Knight" and Clark Gregg "Choke"


BeckEye said...

Not only was Springsteen not nominated, but Jenny Lewis wasn't nominated for her song from "Bolt." I LOVE that song. And music from animated films usually does well, so I don't know what the Academy is smoking. Probably the same shit that led to their total snub of Eddie Vedder's "Into the Wild" soundtrack last year.

red said...

Dude, lame. I can't believe they snubbed TDK. This reminds me of the year Crash won aka The Worst Year Ever!!!

And I may boycott the whole thing based on those BS song nominees.

Garney said...

lame year for movies, lame year for Oscars... they complain about how their ratings keep declining... what do they expect when they don't nominate a movie with more than $500 million box office that transcends its genre and receives critical acclaim?

And instead they nominate The Reader... which is like the most boring sex movie ever made.

And I'm with you on the songs. Did they really need to nominate two Bollywood numbers? At least this way they'll cancel each other out and Peter Gabriel will win for his song for Wall-E which will also be a first win for co-writer Thomas Newman (who has now been nominated 10 times).

Liz said...

Red and I have already argued about this, and I'm sure others will agree with her, but I'm kind of glad TDK didn't get nominated for best picture. I really liked it, but I think the "best movie ever!" hype is overrating it.

I will duck as you throw your shoes.

wendiebird said...

Oh my goodness, Lora! Matt is OBSESSED with the movie "In Bruges." Seriously. We've seen it at least six times and quote lines from it daily. My favorite? "You're an f'ing inanimate object." AND "I just want a NORMAL gun for a NORMAL person." I wish it got more nominations, but screenplay is good...