Thursday, January 8, 2009

Golden Globe Predictions: TV

Today, I shall use the same powers of prediction that called Christian Siriano as the winner of Project Runway season 4 to predict the winners for the TV awards at the Golden Globes this Sunday. Here we go:

Television Series - Drama: Mad Men. The best drama on TV was even better this year than last. It can't not win again.

Best Actor - Drama: John Hamm. Gorgeous and talented. Sometimes life is so unfair.

Best Actress - Drama: January Jones. Gorgeous and talented. Sometimes life is so unfair.

Television Series - Comedy: 30 Rock. Nothing on TV is funnier. Nothing!

Best Actor - Comedy: Alec Baldwin. Steve Carell is just as hilarious, but I'm betting Baldwin takes it.

Best Actress - Comedy: Tina Fey. For creating and writing the series as much as anything.

Best Mini-Series/Made for TV Movie: John Adams. Where is Generation Kill, dummies?!

Best Actor - Mini-Series/Made for TV Movie: Paul Giamatti. Pig vomit does it again.

Best Actress - Mini-Series/Made for TV Movie: Laura Linney. Judi Dench may sweep in and nab this one, but I actually watched John Adams and Linney is totally deserving.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Neil Patrick Harris. It's his time finally, right? They can't give another award to Piven, can they?

Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Laura Dern. Pitch perfect Katherine Harris.

Tomorrow, it's the movie nominees, which I will predict without having seen most of them. God, I'm bold.


MichelleSG said...

Neil Patrick Harris, he sooo makes How I met your mother. That is such and awesome show, we love it.

Liz said...

I don't watch Entourage so I could be wrong, but I find it hard to believe Piven deserves all the awards he gets. He wins effing everything! Def time for someone else to get a statue. Preferably someone who looks like they showered before coming to the ceremony

Falwless said...

Good picks, lady.

Watch Piven walk away with a statue AGAIN...

K and/or K said...


He is hosting SNL I think. Can he make that show funny? God I hope so!

words words words said...

I hope NPH wins too, although the Golden Globes have even less credibility than the Grammys. And wow, that's saying something. Did you realize you picked Mad Men and 30 Rock to win as shows and then also for both acting leads? Now THAT is bold, my friend!

Malcolm said...

I think this is Neil Patrick Harris' year to take home the Golden Globe. Barney is one of the funniest and most original characters on TV.

pistols at dawn said...

I'm so out of touch, I'll just say that I think this is finally Maude's year. That show is unafraid to tackle important social issues.

BeckEye said...

"...powers of prediction that called Christian Siriano as the winner of Project Runway season 4..."

I think that's called "obviousness." No matter that it's not really a word. That's what they call it.

You're still fierce though.

Anonymous said...