Friday, January 2, 2009

Fantasy Awards Season

As you pop culture aficionados know, Hollywood’s awards season is nearly upon us. From the American Spirit Awards to the Oscars, the next few months will have red carpets and self-congratulation to spare.

Since awards season coincides with something of a dearth in the sports season (most of the biggies are post-Super Bowl, and February is only exciting if you’re a fan of the FIRST PLACE Celtics and Bruins like half of us at the Watchword) some friends of mine came up with an idea for a "Fantasy Awards Season" game.

The rules are still sketchy, but basically, we’re going to “draft” movie studios, movies, directors, actors, etc., and then win points based on how many nominations and wins they garner. There’s a point system (a win is worth more than a nomination, picking an actor is worth more than picking a studio, etc.)

We’re only focusing on the Golden Globes and Oscars, as those have the most awards. I’m pushing to include the BAFTA awards too, but I’m not sure I’ll win that argument.

My friends and I are holding our draft this weekend, but you still have a few weeks if any of you guys want to get a league started. And don’t pretend like you’re not a huge nerd who wants to do this. Everyone knows you are.
Also, if anyone is tech savvy enough to put together a Web program for this, to make it all automated like most fantasy leagues, that would be the raddest. I’ll pay you in sunshine and gumballs!


Malcolm said...

This sounds like fun. I look forward to hearing more.

Anonymous said...

Totally count me in!! I'm a total nerd for all of these award shows...