Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh dear, Watson. Oh dear.

So, I had been really looking forward to the Sherlock Holmes movie coming out this Christmas, both because I have a weak spot for Victorian era period clothing, and because Robert Downey, Jr. is ... Robert Downey, Jr. But I just saw the trailer for it and, um, ahhh, less excited now. Is all I'm saying. See for yourself, maybe I'm wrong. (But probably not, obvs).


red said...

Well, Guy Richie movies are usually not very good, but I think this looks fun!

Is it just more actiony than you'd hoped for?

Liz said...

I think its the kind of action it looks to be. Just cheesy and over the top. Yeah ... basically Guy Ritchie I guess, haha. Though I liked Snatch

McGone said...

Yes, worrisome... until Rachel McAdams shows up.


words...words...words... said...

On its face, this looks really cool, and I like all the actors. But the Guy Ritchie thing makes me very, very wary.