Thursday, May 21, 2009

Top 10: Hottest Players in Baseball

I know what you're thinking...has this become a sports blog?! I assure you the answer is "kinda." With today's very sad news of the possible trade of Jake Peavy to the Chicago White Sox, (though it's looking more and more like Jake may veto the trade) I needed to post something baseball related to cheer me up. And really, this post is just about hot guys and I think we can all agree that is always welcome here and, well, just about anywhere.

Fox Sports recently posted their picks for the 10 Hottest Players in Baseball and, of course, their pics are mostly wrong. Here are the top dreamboats they neglected to mention:

10. Carlos Pena: Rays - What can I say? Chicks dig the long ball.

9. Joba Chamberlin: Yankees - He kinda reminds me of Fred Flinstone and, for some weird reason, I find that a good thing.

8. Jason Bay: Red Sox - Cute, blond and Canadian! What's not to like?

7. Andy Sonnanstine: Rays - Apparently, he's not Jewish. Huh.

6. Cole Hamels: Phillies - MVP of last year's World Series is also MVP of our hearts...or something.

5. Derrek Lee: Cubs - OMG! Those thighs!

4. Heath Bell: Padres - So, no one else probably thinks he's hot, but he is pretty much my perfect man, so he's on the list!

3. Ryan Braun: Brewers - Ryan is Jewish and we all know how much I love Jewish boys.

2. Xavier Nady: Yankees - Still the dreamest Padre ever...even if he's not a Padre anymore.

1. Evan Longoria: Rays - He's only 23, ya'll. 23! I've decided I'm going through a younger guy phase (and an Indian phase, but the two are rarely related).

So there you have it. The real Hottest Men in Baseball list (or the neglected anyway). As always, feel free to argue with me in the comments.


Anonymous said...

I think about 300 guys are cute from the MLB! But Joba Chamberlain, really? Dude looks like Larry the Cable Guy mated with Seth MacFarlane and produced him. :)

words...words...words... said...

Yeah, my first comment was also going to be "Joba? REALLY?"

That said, your list owns the Fox Sports list, which even I know was ridiculous (even if they put Jimmy Rollins #1), and I don't even like dudes.

So...with your young guy phase and your Indian Slumdog Millionaire like porn for you?

red said...

That just makes it sound creepy.

Liz said...

I've always found Jason Bay sort of oddly attractive, but you found a picture of him where he's ACTUALLY attractive. Kudos, darling!

danielle970 said...

Um, David Wright and Jose Reyes of the Mets??? Hello?!?! How could you forget my future husbands??

red said...

D: They're both on the Fox list and I was trying to go with guys not on there. Obviously, Matt Kemp would be on my list #1.

Anonymous said...

"So...with your young guy phase and your Indian Slumdog Millionaire like porn for you?"

That's freaking hilarious. Well played WWW

And Joba, really? Might as well call him Joba the Hutt from Crazytown.

I'm surprised Jacoby didn't make the list.

Soda and Candy said...

I just looked at this Joba guy's forearms and... I get it.

I'm with you, sister.

red said...

Who knew Joba was such a controversial choice? I'm glad you can see it, too, S&C. I stand by my choice!

Mathdude said...

I'll take a pass on the cute guy thing in you posting, and ask you what you think of your Padres. Are they ever going to lose again?

red said...

Nope. Never. Go Padres!