Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tonight it's like it's Stuck Between Stations

I’ve been “into” music for as long as I can remember. I officially became a snob about it around age 11. My audiophility was never quite at Lane Kim levels, but it was pretty dern close.

So it’s with a strange mix of anxiety and curiosity that I’ve found myself just not that into discovering new music lately. I’ve been buying albums off iTunes, but it’s stuff like Otis Redding and The Stone Roses; stuff I already knew I liked, I just didn’t own. When I scan Stereogum or Pitchfork to see what bands they’re raving about, I get caught up in malaise rather than excitement.

I have three theories for this:

1) A lot of the “hot” bands right now have a strong electronica/DJ influence, and with a few exceptions (Girl Talk, LCD Soundsystem, Justice) I just can’t get into that kind of music. Never could. It's probably related to my turning down all that ecstasy in high school. F*ckin' D.A.R.E.

2) Having listened to SO MUCH music over the past 27 years, it’s very difficult for a band to stand out and grab me. And I’m tired being the one that puts in all the effort.

3) I'm getting old

I'm going to go with option 2. I mean, it can't be that last one there, right? Ha ha … ha. RIGHT?!?! I’m just saturated and really hard to please. That’s it. It’s got to be.

Anyway ... My point (and I do have one) is that if any of you have heard some awesome new band, or rediscovered some old, unheard of band that might give me a kick start, let me know. Even if you've just got a great new source for music (blog, online radio, etc), pass it along. I need to know if this whole ennui thing is just a slump or if I have actually – God forbid – grown up.

I am pretty keen on hearing this new side project by people from Vampire Weekend and Ra Ra Riot after all, so maybe there's hope for the old girl yet.


Anonymous said...

"And I’m tired being the one that puts in all the effort." So is this the hidden lyric? I had to try after seeing the tag.

I actually try to listen to Radio Paradise ( It's my source of "new" music to download and make me feel like I actually know about music. I put "new" in quotations because I usually download old music that I haven't heard of except on this program. You get some random turds, but you get some hidden gems as well. It's helpful to checkout the playlists and the ratings the listeners give.

This isn't a new band, but I dig Rodrigo y Gabriela. Its a guy and doll who play acoustic guitars with a flamenco flair. They seem really talented to me. All music (a flamenco style), no singing. They are really cool, I mean who does a Metallica cover with an acoustic guitar like this?
or stairway:

BeckEye said...

I find a lot of new music on Hype Machine. (
It's just a music blog aggregator, but I'll usually start by searching for something specific, and then sometimes I'm sent to blogs where they talk about music I haven't heard and they describe it in a way that makes me think I'd like it, so I click the links. Sometimes I love the stuff and sometimes I hate it.

I just recently discovered The Gaslight Anthem this way. I highly recommend them if you don't already know of them. They're from Jersey, so they're very Springsteenesque, but with a more modern pop/rock flair.

MichelleSG said...

Don't worry, you're not in as bad a boat as me. I was always into what I call "angry white male' music. Rob Zombie, Linkin Park, you know the type. I love some industrai, Depeche Mode is an oldie but goodie. I love their new release, Wrong, but the rest of the album is not worth the effort.

My newest love (much to the horror of my husband) is country. Seriously, I love it. We have to have 2 radio station presents in both cars because it makes Brennan's ears bleed. I find this terribly amusing. Plus it's a total opposite of my angry white male music. I don't know if I would suggest a change in genres so extreme but you might try something else totally different that you never though to branch out to before. Be creative!

red said...

I'm going with "I need to know if this whole ennui thing is just a slump or if I have actually – God forbid – grown up." Mainly because it rhymes.

I'm not sure how to solve your problem, but I hope you fix it soon. I get all my cool new music from you!

And nice shout out to Lane. Man, I miss her sometimes.

words...words...words... said...

The lyric is the title. Or does that not count?

I still love finding new awesome bands, but it does happen less. I think it's actually because the radio sucks so much ass. You really do have to put in an effort.

As for cool bands, the one I always tell people to listen to is Tsar. They're an LA band that should be ridiculously famous but isn't. It's very poppy glam rock, ala Cheap Trick or maybe a punkier Fountains of Wayne. Excellent stuff. Check out this super cheesy video:

Liz said...

Ding Ding Ding, WWW is the big winner! It was kind of a trick question - the lyric is the title. Its from a Hold Steady song.

Thanks for the suggestions guys, I will check out all these bands. (I am already a fan of the Gaslight Anthem, Becks. But that means you're on my wave length)