Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Harry Potter: The Musical

Holy cats, you guys! Apparently, the University of Michigan did a Harry Potter musical recently and now the entire thing is on YouTube. The opening number looks totally rad:

Oh, how I miss my nerdy musical theater roots sometimes.

P.S. I'm assuming this will get the same response I received when I sent this to Garney and Liz (aka deafening silence (something must be wrong with my gmail!)), but I don't care. I'll post what I want and you'll like it!


Anonymous said...

That's "totally awesome"!!! And that Harry guy has some Micky Dolenz about him. :) As for the Weasly kid, HILARIOUS. Blue powder power indeed. Plus just hearing Harry and Ron say "TOTALLY AWESOME" is funny.

Honestly, I'd buy a ticket if I was anywhere in the region.

Liz said...

OMG this is great!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Hmmm...didn't a middle school try to do this a couple of years ago, and JK Rowling brought the Golden Snitch of Justice down on their prepubescent asses?

I'm not going anywhere with this, other than I think that Michigan should be sued, if for no other reason than to continue their football "dominance."

Cora said...

Veggie sent me the link to this because she knows I'm an HP geek. And I'm soooo glad she did!! This is fantastic! I'd buy a ticket if it was local, absolutely!


words...words...words... said...

Way to tell us what's what!