Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Programming Notes

Some exciting TV happenings this week:

Top Chef Masters
- Premiering tonight on Bravo, TCM takes real, famous-ish chefs and makes them compete, Cajun Style! Err, I mean, Top Chef Style! Pros: Professional chefs should make for some amazing food porn and all the winnings go to charity. Cons: No Tom Colliccio and no Tom Colliccio. Let's all see if life without Tom is worth living, shall we?

Pushing Daisies Finale - Saturday night will be our last night with Ned and Chuck and Olive and Emerson. Apparently, creator Bryan Fuller had enough notice to wrap things up for us in a somewhat satisfying way. Is it bad that I kinda want Ned and Chuck to finally kiss even though that means she'll die again?

True Blood Season 2 - The best HBO show since, well, Big Love starts it's second season Sunday night. Liz is watching season 1 now and I cannot wait to have True Blood viewing parties. You are invited, too, obviously.

Also, is anyone watching Rescue Me this season? It has some really brilliant moments that blow my effing mind. Catch up on Hulu if you can.


d said...

You know, I can't get into the True Blood thing. I have no idea why.

red said...

It took me a few episodes to really get into it, but now, I can't get enough!

words...words...words... said...

I forgot that Top Chef Masters was tonight! You're a lifesaver. So is DirecTV for letting me program my DVR from the interwebs.

I also want Ned and Chuck to kiss. A life without love isn't worth living and all that jazz.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE True Blood and am psyched for season 2. Screw "Twilight" THIS is the vampire stuff I want to see.

And as for "BIG LOVE" hasn't there been THREE seasons already? I'm waiting for Season 4. Or did you just whisk back in time to write this?

BeckEye said...

I don't watch any of these shows. Does that mean I have to do productive things this week?

MichelleSG said...

I read all the Sookie Stackhouse books before the series was created and LOVE the books. The series is very interesting but I think the vamps need to be much more handsome. We are renting the DVD's right now (we don't have HBO) and yeah, I like it. A bit more raw than I thought it'd be but really, very interesting. I'll stick with it and rent the 2nd season when it comes out.

red said...

VA: I just meant it's the best show HBO has created since Big Love...which is kind of a terrible comparison. Pretend like you didn't see that.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I re-read it and it made a lot more sense to me second time. I was all "DUH, I am retarded!" :) But that's hardly a surprise to anyone.

Garney said...

I'm holding off until Michele gets back to watch the final three episodes of Pushing Daisies... and the same goes for Rescue Me season 5. But I downloaded the first two seasons (I didn't come in until season 3 of Rescue Me) and am currently watching those until she gets back next month.

The season 2 premiere of True Blood is downloading as I type this.