Monday, January 25, 2010

How I Spent My Weekend

Hey ya'll. So, it was another crummy weekend 'round these parts. Here's what went down:

I went to LA on Friday and had a lovely time...until I decided to barf in my BFF's new BMW. Worst. Friend. Ever. This incident lead me to realize I can't drink anymore...probably ever. Is life really still worth living?

Saturday I spent crying at Conan O'Brien's final show. RIP you redheaded genius!

Yesterday, I went to see Youth in Revolt (Meh) and was asked to donate to the Repeal Prop 8 fund...which I did...because someday gay marriage may be my only option. Anyway, I got a bad feeling about the whole thing and went home to discover $200 worth of fraudulent charges on my debit card. GD Prop 8 scammers! I'm never donating to anything, ever again. Sucks to be you, Haiti!

So yeah. That happened. Oh! I also turned on Word Verification (after years of complaining about it on other sites). We are just so hilarious and popular people who can't speak English won't stop spamming us. Ugh! I hate everyone.

I love you though! Hope this week sucks less for all of us. Hugs!


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

It's not really worth it, red. Believe me. I gave it up, and now I have to go through life "sober" and "having a clue" and "not being able to blame the alcohol for my social awkwardness".

It sucks.

Anonymous said...

I thought having a cold was bad but I agree, you trump that by A LOT.

Can you do anything about the scammers or do you have to swallow the charges? Because that SUCKS.

red said...

Mjenks: Barfing in friends cars it is!

Veg: I called my bank and they canceled my card and will repay the money in about 2 weeks...thank goodness!

Sorry you're sick. And sorry work is still blocking your blog for "Illicit Illegal Drug Use." Bastards! I am reading everything in Reader, though!

Dr Zibbs said...

I agree. RIP.

One of the few shows I laugh out loud at.

words...words...words... said...

That sucks about the drinking. If it's any consolation, many of us out here are capable of drinking for two. We got your back, Red!

I loved "Sucks to be you, Haiti!" Somebody needed to cut through the treacle :)

BTW, you will NOT believe this. But word ver is "distilin". Even Blogger doesn't want you to quit!

BeckEye said...

OHHHHH. Look who has word ver!! Look who finally understands that we're not just a bunch of assholes trying to make life harder for everyone! Look! LOOK!

Yeah, that was a bit dramatic. Anyway, welcome to the club.

Mathdude said...

The spammers are pissing me off too - fuckers! CoCo will be back. Be patient.