Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Too Dumb 2 Blog

Watchword skillz on the decline

Since my brain has now officially become retarded due to years of working in a cubicle, long strings of full sentences are no longer within my skill set.
You can now follow me on Twitter:

I usually post something about movies some other crap throughout the day. Who knows, if you tweet me enough, maybe I'll start blogging again?

I know there is "Twitter is lame" category here and whichever contributer posted it is wrong. In accordance with my diminished attention span, I will not take the time to look it up.

Yours Truly,

Dave H aka @DWHarrington619


red said...

Your's is the only Twitter I've added to my RSS feed. Feel special!!!

Dave H said...

LOL, feelin special as we speak.

d said...

I just started twatting also. Interesting concept.

Dave H said...

Dear Lower Case D,

It's pretty fun isht, follow Micahel Ian Black he's hilarious and will insult you via twitter if you ask him.

Guess that makes us a couple of Twatters.