Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Return of American Idol

Last season, I vowed to stop watching American Idol. I don't really remember why anymore (I think it was because they kept insisting we like that annoying 16 year-old), but, when the new season starts tonight, I'll not be watching for several reasons:

1. I'll respect myself more - Seriously, that show is crap and I feel like a moron for tuning in each week.

2. My roommate will not want to kill me in my sleep - When I told her I wasn't watching Idol this season she said, "Promise?" She's not such a fan of the reality TV. And let's face it...Idol takes up, what? 3 hours every week? That's ridiculous.

3. It's now on opposite Lost - And I'm not missing Happy Pony...errr...Lost.

4. It's rigged - C'mon...you know it's true.

And 5. Not even my grandma watches Idol anymore - And I think we all know, my grandma is the mistress of taste and awesomeness.

So there are my reasons. I think they're good ones and I'm stickin' to them. Of course, I reserve the right to still read BeckEye's wonderfully hilarious recaps each week. Somethings are too good to give up.


Dave H said...


red said...

I'm not watching! That's the whole point of this stupid post! Geez!!!

BeckEye said...

Uh, thanks for the shout-out...I think? But you're kind of calling me a loser at the same time. C'mon...you know it's true.

red said...

No way, Becks! There is no judgment at The Watchword.