Friday, January 15, 2010

How You Should Spend Your Weekend

Mmmmm...Phillip and Vincent. Choices, choices...

Dudes, Red is tired. It's been a long week. I have some friends in town and they insist on doing things like "going out for dinner, drinks and poetry slams" and "socializing." Gah! My Wii Active trainer Tami is gonna so pissed at me!

Anyway, here's some shizz going down this weekend you should probably check out:

Friday Night: Dollhouse - Only 2 episodes left! Does anyone else watch this show? Anyone?

Saturday/Sunday: Football - This is who we're all rooting for, okay? Saints, Ravens, Vikings and Chargers. THIS CANNOT BE DISPUTED!!!

Sunday Night: Golden Globes - This year should be pretty great with Ricky Gervais as host. He is truly hilarious. I was going to do a predictions post, but I have no idea who will win anything...other than Christoph Waltz, who is favored to win Best Supporting Actor, something I called on Aug. 21. I am amazing. I'm also pulling for Jeff Bridges to win Best Actor for Crazy Heart because The Dude really gives a terrific performance and Michael C. Hall for his always stellar turn on Dexter.

Monday: Do Nothing - The first holiday since the holidays is gonna effing rule as I spend it on my couch, watching TV and Netflix with my new cats. Does like get sweeter, friends? I think not.

What awesome things are you getting up to this weekend?


McGone said...

I actually got all up to speed on "Dollhouse" over the holiday break, and dug the hell out of it. The day I watched the first DVD was the day they announced it was canceled. So I guess I could be held accountable.

I resisted watching it on TV but it had the smell of doom that accompanies Whedon's FOX experiences (and I'm lumping Tom Minear's shortlived "Drive" and "The Inside" into that category, since he's Joss disciple #1).

I hear good things about season two, so I'm anxious for the DVDs to come out. Plus, I've now developed a bit of a crush on Dichen Lachman, as I'm sure was Whedon's intention all along.

Red said...

In the realm of the boring, I've made a fair amount of progress on getting my house in order, and there will be some more of that. EG and I will almost certainly watch some movies. Since the Stillers are out of it, I am exempt from giving a damn about football for the rest of the season and that's okay by me.

Liz said...

I refuse to root for Brett Favre under any circumstances. Take that, world!!

Malcolm said...

Sorry, but I'm pulling for the Cowboys to put a beatdown on "Madden's man crush" and the rest of the Vikes.

As for the Golden Globes, although I have no real interesting in who wins or loses, I will be watching. Ricky Gervais hosting + free flowing alcohol for everyone involved should make for an excellent show.

red said...

It's not so much that I like the Vikings, I just loathe the Cowboys. America's Team, my ass.

Also, McGone, Season 2 is pretty rad. And Dichen Lachman should be playing Echo. She is so much more talented than Eliza Doucheku (ha!)

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

Future Mrs IR reaches a milestone age this weekend, so we are going out for a nice meal tonight and doing eff all tomorrow. Huzzah!

Some Guy said...

Go Chargers!!

words...words...words... said...

Normally I would agree with Liz that I can't root for Brett Favre under any circumstances. Lo, I have found a circumstance. I hope the Vikings beat those &%$#@s 73-0.

My weekend was made when my friends and I were served by a drunk waitress tonight at the sports bar. Like, DRUNK. It was surreal and hilarious.