Friday, February 26, 2010

Your Weekend in Pop Culture

This is like the fourth time we've done this. We are accomplishing goals!!!

Anyway, here are some things to do with your weekend:

Tonight - Go out and drink to our pal Dave, who turns 31 today. He loves chili, Chad Ochocinco and Twitter so if you could somehow work those things into your celebration, I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

Saturday - Go wine tasting for another friend's birthday. What? What's that you say? You live somewhere cold and not conducive to wine growing year round? Sucks to be you!!!

As an alternative, you can go see one of the 10 Oscar Best Picture nominees you haven't had a chance to see yet. I'll be checking out The Blindside (the last one I need to see). The Oscars are next Sunday, ya'll!

Sunday - Watch the US (hopefully) take on Canada (maybe) in the gold medal game. USA! USA! Also, closing ceremonies. RIP Winter Olympics 2010.

Have a great weekend!


MJenks said...

last I checked, it was 6-0 US. I have a feeling that "hopefully" has been accomplished.

Wine growing might not be conducive year-round, but fermentation is ALWAYS possible.

Dave H said...

WORD thank you for the shout out have been feeling the love from all over the nets...guess I could have shouted out myself I AM a contributor here!

Dave H said...

Glad to be 31, live each day like it's your we've seen you could die at the fins of a KILLER WHALE at any give time...