Friday, February 19, 2010

Your Weekend in Pop Culture (Vol. 2)

Here's the part where we sporadically tell you what you to do with yourself over the weekend:

Oh yeah, I pah-k'd my cah wickid hah'd


Shutter Island: Marty Scorsese' latest hits theatres. It takes place in Bah-stin, so expect wretched accent work, as well as thrills, chills, Red's nemesis, and Leo. Cat sounds!


Go to a brewery: I will be visiting the Stone Brewery (and possibly Lost Abbey) in North County San Diego this weekend. This Web site will help you find craft breweries near your home town.

More Olympics: And more, and more and more! This weekend we got luge, skiing (of all varieties), bobsled, speed skating and your grandmother's favorite - ice dancing.


New on DVD: Wind down the weekend with a movie at home. Newly released this week are A Serious Man, Couple's Retreat and The Time Traveler's Wife. I haven't seen any of those. I know Red liked A Serious Man.

There. Now put some pants on and get out of your house!


red said...

I love that I have a "nemesis."

danielle970 said...

Lol and Michelle Williams of all people. That's too funny.

Mine is Celine Dion. Appropriate, considering she's French Canadian.

Malcolm said...

Although I did put on some pants (of the lounge style), it was only to do laundry, take out the trash, and check my mail. I did pull out "Clerks" from my DVD collection to watch that Saturday afternoon because it had been awhile since I'd seen it. I can still say that I'm not getting old because "Clerks" is still a hilarious movie.

By the way, thanks for the link to the craft brewery site. I didn't realize that MI had so many.

words...words...words... said...

I visited the Red Hook brewery outside Seattle on Friday. Mmmm. I came home with a delicious mixed case full of brews I can't get down here. I love their beer.

Also, I want a nemesis. It sounds really fun.

Dave H said...

We need a follow up how was the Stone?

Liz said...

As usual, Stone was insanely crowded, but had good beer. I tried something called Deschutes Mirror Mirror that was strong and an aquired taste, but ultimately got a thumbs up from me.

I must say, the food there is better than I expected. Often at breweries, the food is a throwaway becuase they concentrate of the beer. But our food was quite good

Dave H said...

Duchutes Mirror Pond, one of my favorites!!

BeckEye said...

I went to see Shutter Island. Worst part about it was that I had to sit in the front row. Arrrgh. But for the first time ever, Leo actually looked hot to me. I guess I like sort of paranoid, scruffy men with bad accents.