Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Answer Me This Wednesday

I have some questions for the universe. Maybe you guys can help me out...

What's the best online travel booking site? There are so many I always feel like I can find a better deal somewhere else. I'm thinking of moving to South Carolina. I know it's random, but I have my reasons. I figure I should probably take a trip out their first, though, to make sure I could actually live there.

Also, could I actually live there? Many of you have probably been to Charleston. Is it awesome?

In other news, I am becoming obsessed with Aziz Ansari. Is this a problem? I bought a ticket to his stand-up show in San Diego in July even though, as of right now, no one is coming with me. Is that weird? That's weird, right?

Does anyone else feel super bad for Sandra Bullock? I mean, by now, celebrity men cheating on their wives is old hat, but I feel particularly bad for Sandy. I think it's because she seemed so genuinely in love with Jesse James when she thanked him in all her awards speeches. Poor thing.

And finally, how awesome was that episode of Lost last night? Richard Alpert FTW.


danielle970 said...

I'll go see Aziz with you! I still want to go, I'm just being responsible and waiting for pay day to buy tickets instead of putting it on my credit card =)

Try buying a ticket directly from the Southwest website. As far as I can remember, I've never seen their flights on priceline or cheaptickets, and they usually have good deals. If that fails, see the previous sentence =)

d said... = the best IMO. we booked a lot of our Australia trip there.

South Carolina is awesome, but I could never live in the South. Just too weird. But yeah, it's a good state otherwise.

I'm coming to SD in May! Woot.

xo d

MJenks said...

I booked through Priceline for my trip this past weekend (to...wait for it...Charleston!). I was very happy with it. But then, I drove, too, and didn't worry about flying.

As for Charleston...the city drips with history. The church where my wife's cousin got married was awesome and had a beautiful graveyard attached to it that he and I explored for a while.

The streets in the downtown area are nice for walking. And walk we did. I've noticed that some east coast cities (those laid out apparently before the idea of a "grid" was implemented) are kind of difficult to navigate. Not so with Charleston. We were lost Saturday night, but made it back to our hotel easily and without incident...unless you count our feet REALLY EFFING HURTING as an incident.

Many nice restaurants. There's a shopping district that plays up to the tourists, though, filled with overpriced trinkets. The houses themselves are quite lovely, the gardens are as beautiful as advertised, and the city didn't smell like an open sewer, like Savannah does.

Anonymous said...

Well you are just full of surprises. South Carolina? I've only been through it and it looks pretty nice. Everyone I know who's been to Charleston raves about it though.

And that Lost ep. was FANTASTIC.

MJenks said...

Oh, and one other thing: sometimes, Charleston gets cold. And it rained on us. It does that a lot.

words...words...words... said...

I think Kayak is the best, but you can often get the best deals by going directly to the airline websites. I book almost all my travel though American's website.

And it's not weird to buy tickets before you have someone to go with. Or, it is, and we're both weird! I'm currently holding pairs of tickets to Conan, U2 and the Hold Steady. Someone always wants to go when it gets closer.

BeckEye said...

I've only been to Myrtle Beach. I don't think the rest of SC is anything like a resort town, so I can't give a very good opinion.

Yes, I feel terrible for Sandra Bullock. And Aziz Ansari is awesome. I keep meaning to make my own DJ Roomba in his honor, but that would mean I'd have to buy a Roomba.

Cheeseboy said...

Aziz is a brilliant comedian! Love that guy! His character on Parks & Rec is terrific too.