Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This (mostly) Just In...

Ricky Martin is Gay - In the least surprising news ever, Ricky told everyone yesterday he is a "fortunate gay man," whatever the hell that means. When I was in Germany in 2000, this dude from Miami told my friends and me a story about how he KNEW Ricky Martin was gay. Well done, Miami dude. Next out of the closet...John Travolta. Sorry Becks!

Dudes are Weird - Every week, I read Drew Magary's Deadspin mailbags (he does two a week) and, like, half of the reader emails are about mundane scenarios made into crazy spy movie plots in the mind of the author. Example:

I used to come home from school, reach into my backpack, out of which I would pull a 3 1/2 inch floppy disk. Oh, but this disk did not contain some mundane homework assignment, paper, or even video game. On this disk was any number of one of the following: 1) A virus, meant to destroy the mainframe of computers of whatever organization or country I was infiltrating, 2) Some sort of top secret profile, either my personal Agent information or the man I have been sent to assassinate, or 3) Some sort of plans, architectural most likely, to any number of things. Most often it was similar to the scene from Star Wars where Darth Vader is demanding that Leia turn over the plans - except I have them, not R2D2! Quick, to the Apple IIGS!
This is just an example. Sometimes, they are imagining how they'd fend off bank robbers or save ladies from falling airplanes. What the eff, dudes? Why are you all so weird?

Castle Renewed for Third Season - The other day I said, "This week on Castle..." and Liz said, "You watch Castle? I didn't think anyone actually watched that." But I do! And it's awesome. Nathan Fillion is pretty much the best thing ever...and now we get to watch him for at least another season. Huzzah!

John Stamos + The Beach Boys = Amazing! - Apparently, tonight on Dancing with the Stars, John Stamos will return to his seat behind the drum kit for The Beach Boys. This just kinda blows my mind a bit. Dave actually saw this fantastic event back in the day at a post-Padres game concert and still raves about it. Tonight, we can all experience it for ourselves.


Anonymous said...

I think a "fortunate gay man" is the opposite of an "UNFORTUNATE gay man" like say, Boy George, who likes his men tied up against their will. :)

Thanks for making me now sing "Kokomo" all night.

And Becks KNOWS Travolta is so deep in the closet he's seeing Narnia.

words...words...words... said...

Dudes are awesome. This reminded me of something that happened to my friend Troy. He was out early on a Sunday morning to buy the paper, and a police helicopter was circling. The streets were kind of empty, it being early on Sunday morning and all. So to amuse himself, Troy pretended like the helicopter was after him. He slid stealthily along the sides of buildings, jumped across alleys, and generally acted like every perp on "Cops" right before 8 dudes with billy clubs tackle him.

All of a sudden, three cop cars come squealing up and surround Troy, whereupon he is asked to get down on the ground. Turns out Troy vaguely matched the description of the guy they were looking for, and on seeing his strange behavior the cops decided to take him down. Let this be a lesson. On what, I don't know.

Also, Ricky Martin is gay even if he sleeps with women.

Liz said...

Sometimes when I running boring errands in my car, I like to pretend I'm on cool spy missions or something, and I'm a girl! And a dork, clearly.

MJenks said...

I watch Castle. So does my wife. So...there.

And...I know it's mean...but my word ver has a message for your writing partner: "spedlyz"

Bad word ver. Very, very bad!

McGone said...

"Castle" seems like one of those guilty pleasure things - I don't watch it regularly, buy any means - but I don't know why I think of it that way. It's not necessarily bad, maybe a little cheesy... I just think Fillion makes it exponentially better by association.

His charisma comes through every time. Hell, I'm still pissed "Drive" got canceled.

BeckEye said...

Travolta is NOT gay, but if I'm wrong, that that just means that he's EXTRA fabulous. Suck it, haters.

Del-V said...

Ricky Martin is gay. Also gay, every male flight attendant you've ever met.

Liz said...

Is that an insult to me, MJenks? If so, I don't get it. I mean ... How dare you!?!?!

Liz said...

Oh wait ... Spedlyz = Special Ed Liz. I get it now. Clearly you were right, haha