Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This (mostly) Just In...

Mad Men Barbies - I need the Joan one, obvs.

Top Model Returns Tonight
- I won't be watching, but Vogue's Andre Leon Talley is joining the panel. I kinda want to watch him tear some crazy thin girls apart! There may be something wrong with me.

Anna Nicole Opera Staged in England - Ugh!

Christina Hendricks is Very Attractive - 15 smokin' hot pics. Is it weird I'd seen them all before?

RAAAAAAANDY vs. Justin Bieber - I pretty much have no idea who Justin Bieber is, but I am always on the side of the hot Indian dude...always. Team Aziz!

New BNL Single
- I like! Gotta check out the entire album to see how much Steve Page will truly be missed.

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Falwless said...

Also? Betty White will be hosting SNL on Mother's Day! WOOHOOO!