Friday, March 12, 2010

Your Weekend in Pop Culture

It's Friday! And Payday! Does it get any better? Here are some things to occupy yourselves with this fine spring weekend:

Tonight! - After missing the premiere last week, I'll be checking out Who Do You Think You Are?, NBC's new show which follows celebs as they learn about their ancestors. I've heard really good things. Now it's time to see for myself.

Tomorrow! - It's time to think good thoughts again as Liz and I go back into the "studio" to record another song for The Let's Make Outs. This one debuts on St. Patrick's day. Mark your calendar!

Also, DST time begins. So we lose an hour, but gain a whole lot more daylight. Cheers to that.

Sunday! - The Pacific finally makes its way onto our TV screens. Touted as "Band of Brothers in the Pacific," the WWII miniseries is sure to kickass...and introduce us to many, many dreamy young actors. Huzzah!

What will you be up to this weekend?


MJenks said...

It's payday...unless your lavish lifestyle requires you to have so many overdraft fees that the pay you receive is a wash.

*not bitter*not bitter*not bitter*not bitter*

words...words...words... said...

Is anyone filming the Let's Make Outs as they go through their "process" in the "studio"? You guys could have the basis for a cool behind the scenes documentary that you can bring out after you're famous as a "lost treasure".

Thinking six moves ahead FTW.

danielle970 said...

I nominate myself to film the studio process!! I'll be sure to capture all the behind-the-scenes making out that goes on ;-)

As for what I'm doing this weekend, I'm off to pick up my mom from the airport. Yay for mom visits!

Liz said...

I have joint custody of a video camera. It's currently with its other mother though. I could get it back, but honestly our studio sessions are pretty uneventful.

Thanks for posting though Red, now that we've promised to have the song we actually have to get it done! haha