Thursday, April 29, 2010

But How Many Costume Changes Will He Have?

My future husband, Aziz Ansari, is host the MTV movie awards this year and to celebrate, MTV made this awesome clip featuring McGone's other girlfriend, Kristen Bell, and BeckEye's inappropriate crush, Zac Efron. Check it out:


BeckEye said...

Zack, what the eff is wrong with you? What's up with the porn 'stache? MY EYES! MYYY EYYYYESS!!!!

Wow, that horrible lip fuzz makes me feel so much better about my earlier decision to replace him with Jonathan Groff as my inappropriate crush. And Groff is OPENLY gay, so so much the better.

Also, I don't like Diddy but his part of this was the funniest.

BeckEye said...

Zac with no K. Either my fickle mind has already forgotten how to spell his name, or I've been spending too much time babysitting my nephew Zack, with a K. Or is it an H? I like the K, so that's what it will be.

McGone said...

Beckeye, Aziz Ansari, My Other Girlfriend Kristen Bell, Me... Kevin Bacon has finally been dethroned, because this is making me feel like my Twitter account may just be the center of the universe.

On a serious note though, even Diddy had to feel like he doesn't belong in things like this any more, right? Does he still have time left on his "sell-by" date?

Malcolm said...

So Aziz is ahead of Christina Hendricks in the future spouse sweepstakes? I know she's married right now to that lucky bastard, but she can always come to her senses.

red said...

Aziz is ahead of C. Hend...mostly just because I am straight.

Sometimes these things like sexual preference really screw up one's future plans!