Monday, April 19, 2010

How I Spent My Weekend

Friday I decided to express interest in taking a job in Virginia. So there's, like, a 90% chance I'm moving to Williamsburg. I'm very excited about this. I know what you're all thinking, though. What about the band?! Well, we'll have to take a break and play only reunion shows every time I visit SD. Our version of "Little Red Corvette" is too awesome not share with the world more than once.

Saturday, I met a friend at The Waterfront and we watched the Padres beat the D-Backs. I was recognized by a dude who saw us play at the open mic last weekend. It was rad.

Yesterday, I went to see the Padres live and in person sweep the Diamondbacks. This was very wonderful and exciting and made their record 2 for 2 for games where I am present. This obviously means I am their good luck charm. They should give me free season tickets.

This morning, I came to work and found this gem. Some words of wisdom for dudes by Christina Hendricks. Love!

How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

Whoa, Red heading east? Surely the world will be in chaos?

I'm all for anyone beating the D-backs. I hate those fuckers. That's all.

words...words...words... said...

Aw. America's Finest City will be a little less fine. On the plus side, now your band will be super cool, because you'll have broken up before you got famous. Rock critics in ten years will be talking about how awesome you are because they saw you in a crappy bar with like 15 other people. Book it!

Andra said...

WHAAAAT???? You are leaving?? And you have yet to visit me? Sniff...well, I should be in SD next weekend...let's get together!

Red said...

If you get up to DC, you have to let EG and I know!

Must be nice to be a good luck charm. I am a Phillies fan, and I've jinxed them far more often than not. I went to games about once a year starting when I was six and was 23 before I saw them win! I did see them beat the Mets at Shea, though. That was sweet.

Liz said...

I must disagree with C-Hend on one thing: I hate the word "panties." I don't know why, but I always have, and I assume always will.

(I'm not commenting on your leaving because I'm still in denial about it).

BeckEye said...


Good luck on the job front. If you move, we'll have to have an Eastern Bloggers Syndicate meeting some time this summer. Of course, we'll have to create the Eastern Bloggers Syndicate first. And then we'll start up a rivalry with the Chicago Blog Mafia who think they're so cool.

Malcolm said...

Is the possible move to VA what you were referring to when you said "It's all happening" on your FB page? I hope things work out for you whichever decision you make. As for your version of "Little Red Corvette", does one of you do the splits like "The Purple One" did in the music video? By the way, I'm loving the pic of Christina!

My weekend was a relatively quiet one. I spent quite a bit of time watching the first round of the NBA playoffs.