Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Are the kids ... actually all right?

The natural order of things.

I graduated from high school ten years ago next month, and have barely set foot inside a high school since. I had to go to one today for work, and I noticed something: The kids seemed really upbeat and happy.

My natural reaction to this was, WTF?!? Granted, the kids were out of class for a pep rally (don’t bother wondering why I was at a high school pep rally for work, its nowhere near as intriguing as it sounds) but still. During the bygone days of my teen years, we were all a bunch of sullen malcontents who only hated one thing more than being in class, and that was pep. My school barely had a cheerleading squad. Our sports teams were full of kids who weren’t good enough for private schools. Showing anything resembling “school spirit” was grave offense in the social order of things.

But here were these kids, with their skinny jeans (that’s still going on?) and Keds, all smiling like they were actually happy to be alive. Is this a Southern California thing? Has “Friday Night Lights” made pep rallies cool? Why do I suspect a complicated formula of VH1, sushi and Jimmy Fallon is to blame?

Anyway, my worldview is kind of in disarray here. If you need me, I’ll be reading The Catcher in the Rye and writing love songs about Gavin Rossdale.


red said...

Maybe it's a SoCal thing. I don't remember having pep rallies often, but when we did, the cheerleaders and athletes were pretty into it.

What always amazes me about the youth today (because I'm 90) is how nice they are 97% of the time. I always expect them to be violent hoods who will stab me, but they are usually quite pleasant.

BeckEye said...

People like pep rallies now. Glee has changed everything.

danielle970 said...

Sean (my boyfriend, for those of you who are not Liz and Red) has 3 high school aged step-siblings. And all 3 of them are well-adjusted, happy, upbeat kids! They run track, they do water polo, they play instruments, and they actually like their family. Seriously, they would rather hang out with each other and their parents when we're over than sit in their rooms and play video games. I don't know about you guys, but I was NEVER that nice at 16!

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